Zoran Vitanov – the man who was willing to take the risk

    During the last Lyconet Online Sensation Summer Edition, we had the great pleasure to welcome Lyconet President Zoran Vitanov (Career Level 8). Zoran graduated in Economy and has almost two decades of experience as a financial consultant, but how did he cross his path with Lyconet?  

    This September marks the 10th anniversary of Zoran as a Lyconet Marketer, but his history with Lyconet goes even further back to his 40th birthday. On that special day, he realized that on the surface he had it all – a happy marriage, three wonderful children, harmonious family, friends, good health, and a good job, but the only thing he was missing was his freedom. He missed spending time with his children, and he found himself unable to reduce his working hours with his income being unshattered. He felt significantly concerned with the thought that he cannot be there for his family as much as he wanted to and that sparked his interest in a business that is efficient and flexible. After he did his fair share of research, Zoran stumbled upon Lyconet and he immediately understood the opportunity this business model has to offer. He was willing to take the risk, work hard and:

    Here I am as a Lyconet President!

    Zoran Vitanov

    What does success mean?

    Zoran is a very goal-oriented person. For him, success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal. His ultimate goal was to gain his freedom. What helped him on the way were the tips and insights of his mentors. He also sticks  to a particular routine that he calls  the Daily Method of Operation (DMO). He wouldn’t miss a day of not taking advantage of the Cashback anf the Shopping Points  and let other people know about it:

    The success is millions of small steps on regular basis for a long period, there is no shortcut!

    Zoran Vitanov

    He was determined to focus on the process rather than the result because the result is a consequence of the process. According to him, most people fail because they are looking for the result and neglecting the process.

    Challenges and personal growth

    The way to become a Lyconet President has not always been easy. Zoran had to deal with misunderstanding, frustrations, mistakes, failure, and rejection, but in this way, he learned, improved, and grew as a person and as an entrepreneur. He was always honest with his team that his ambition is to become a Lyconet President and learned how to choose his battles. If a person approached by him says no, Zoran would not take that personally or as something negative  – on the contrary. He would see it as a missed opportunity for them, not for him.

    Future Goals

    Apart from having a flexible work schedule and being able to spend more time with his family, Zoran’s favorite aspect of his job is being able to help other people achieve their goals. 

    When I asked my mentor how can I thank him for helping me to grow in my career, he told me that I owe him nothing, but if I want to thank him, then I need to do the same for my team as he did for me all these years. And I think that this is amazing!

    Zoran Vitanov

    Regarding the future, Zoran remains as optimistic as usual.

    “Now it is time for contribution, now is time for Child & Family Foundation and Greenfinity Foundation. The main goal in life is to grow in order to contribute! We came to this planet to give, help and contribute! Let us live and lead, in order to help as many people as possible to grow, because every help counts!” – Zoran Vitanov

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