World Earth Day 2021

    Today is Word Earth Day! Let’s honor this special day by joining forces with the Greenfinity Foundation and help plant as many trees as possible! 

    A call to action 

    What began as an American movement in 1970 has now become a global phenomenon involving millions of people around the globe every year: World Earth Day. Celebrated annually on April 22nd, this special day is a call to appreciate, respect and most of all protect our planet. This is a call that we here at Lyconet share with the deepest conviction. We believe that protecting our Earth should be at the forefront of every decision made by individuals and businesses alike. Why? Well, because no achievement and no endeavor in the world has any meaning if our home Earth is destroyed and a healthy life is no longer possible.  

    Restore our Earth™ 

    This year’s Earth Day is themed Restore Our Earth™. There is much that each and every one of us can contribute to achieve the goal of restoring our home Earth. One simple action each of us can take, for example, is to offset our own ecological footprint. An important and very powerful way to do so is to support the reforestation of particularly deforested regions of our planet, such as the Amazon rainforest. Another important contribution that each of us can make, and which costs nothing more than a little time, is to draw attention to the need for climate- and environmental protection within our own community and to show ways in which each individual can contribute to saving our planet. In addition to embracing a more conscious, eco-friendly way of living and doing business, supporting environmental protection organizations, such as the Greenfinity Foundation, is an easy way to continually contribute to the preservation and restoration of our natural world. 

    Let’s take action today!  

    Let’s team up with the Greenfinity Foundation and get active today! Start by calculating your personal ecological footprint and use the chance to offset it right away by supporting the planting of trees in the Amazon rainforest or in Hungary. Take a look at the Greenfinity Foundation homepage to learn more about the association’s reforestation projects and other ways you can contribute to the protection of our planet. If we all join forces and act now, we can help restore our Earth! 

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