World Children’s Day

    Education is one of the most important aspects of our lives. When we refer to education, we’re referring to more than the ability to read and write but also the idea of taking information and shaping how we think and live. In a world where there is an unequal spread of teaching in schools, the importance of education becomes very clear.  While education is a necessity for some children in more economically developed countries, in less economically developed countries it may be a luxury. This leads us to numerous reasons why education is so important in our life. It provides children with the knowledge to make decisions and have an opinion of their own. Also, by attending school from a young age, children develop the social ability to interact with a wide range of people. The longer they attend school, they increase their ability to communicate with others sharing ideas and opinions independently. However, let’s not forget about the economic growth that comes with education. A country with a high level of education leads to successful growth in the economy.

    Children are not merely objects who belong to their parents, for whom decisions are made or “adults in training”. As human beings and individuals in their own right, children should be allowed the space to grow, learn, develop and play to the best of their ability to prepare them for adulthood.

    Here at Lyconet, we are firm believers in the founding principles of World Children’s Day. This is why we have teamed up with the Child & Family Foundation to find out how children in schools across the world are flying the flag for children’s rights on 20th November 2021.

    Despite the ongoing pandemic and its varying effects on both developed and developing countries, the world’s children continue to do us proud by managing their own education effectively. Where COVID-19 has made its mark, the children cope admirably with homeschooling, using the little technical equipment available to them to listen in on lessons and catch up on their worksheets.

    Those children lucky enough to go into school form the backbone of societal responsibility in wearing their masks at all times and getting tested several times a week. These children show the world that a child’s right to education shall not be forgotten, even in times like these, and that World Children’s Day this November upholds one of the most important children’s rights – Education.

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