Work smarter, not harder!

    Have you ever heard the phrase “Work smarter, not harder”? Have you been taught what it really means? Several studies claim that it was coined by the industrial engineer Allen F. Morgenstern in the 1930s and it has been often used to motivate people in the business sphere ever since. It sounds appealing, but it also suggests working smart as opposed to working hard. So, what does “to work smarter” mean? Using the best tools, optimizing the process, and scheduling the workload properly? Certainly yes, but that does not necessarily exclude the option of putting effort into what you do.   

    Lyconet offers its Marketers the perfect tools and infrastructure. Using all the advantages and exclusive benefits that Lyconet and its partners have in store can be categorized as smart working. However, Marketers’ productivity is also measured by their perception of success.  Working in the most productive and efficient way does not mean working harder rather than smarter. The truth is that successful people work both smart and hard. Through their passion, perseverance, and consistency, the results follow effortlessly. 

    Tips on how to work smarter 

    Nevertheless, there is wisdom in the phrase “Work smarter, not harder”. By working smarter, it is often implied that you might avoid overcomplicated processes or situations. When you have clearly defined goals and a plan, you tend to avoid confusion, misunderstanding and, in addition, you save plenty of time. For making the perfect plan, you can use a vision board or follow a well-thought-planned routine. Have a look at our previous Lyconet Magazine articles Happy Vision Board Day and Schedule your success – the importance of routine

    After setting and structuring your goals, you should always have your team on board. In that way, everyone will always be familiar with the most relevant strategy and will be prepared for action! Having a defined structure and good communication is the key to smart working. 

    Then, you need to find the tools you need for the perfect plan! As mentioned above, as a Marketer you should take advantage of the tools that Lyconet has to offer in order to simplify your work. An absolute must-have for all Marketers is the brilliant Lyconet App. It offers you instant access to your most important KPIs and allows you to always be up to speed on the activities and developments within your Organization. You can also access and share presentations and videos, and use the QR code to add new Marketers, customers and/or Merchants to your Organization anywhere and at any time, which saves you a lot of time and data storage. 

    Download the app now: iOS, Android 

    In addition to the Lyconet App, the Media Center offers access to a huge variety of presentation materials, videos and fact sheets. It is your one-stop location for anything you could possibly need for your daily activities as a Lyconet Marketer. You can browse through the available material or go directly to the specific category you require at that moment in time – and thus, add a touch of creative structure to your endeavors.

    But keep in mind that smart working is nothing without consistency and effort! Work smarter in the sense of avoiding unnecessary clusters, optimizing your workload, and improving your communication – but never lose your passion and consistency. 

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