Why online events matter

    In the past two years, the concept of online events has never been more appreciated. Before this global situation hit in, we were used to meeting each other face-to-face on a regular basis and joining different kinds of events. But lately, we have discovered another convenient way to do so – namely, with online events.

    As for Lyconet, there were several events planned throughout the year. Some bigger, some smaller – each with different scope. For example, it was possible to have events for smaller groups again in the past months, such as the TechSummit in Warsaw or the Lyconet Star Cruise.

    Infinite possibilities and advantages

    Research  has shown that the attendance level of conferences held online is on average 30% higher than at live events. The reason behind this is simple: flexibility. People can stay at home or wherever they are at the time of the event. The only things that are needed is an internet connection and devices such as a notebook, tablet, or smartphone.

    In addition, such events are also a nice opportunity for partners to show what they have to offer. This was also demonstrated at the last Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition which was broadcasted from the marvelous EliteClub Villa. Some participants got to have a first glance at the location, which is available to book for EliteClub members.

    There is something for everyone

    Not only partners can show what they have to offer, but also the company itself. The barriers to joining an online event are way smaller than for a live event. People simply get a link or ticket code for the event, register, save the date to their calendar and join. This is why, the past Lyconet Online Sensations have also been available to people, who haven’t made the decision yet to join Lyconet. Marketers can either share their ticket codes with them or watch it together with a group of prospects as a part of their business presentation. That way people get an impressive first impression of the company, get to know the people behind the different brands, and understand the idea and vision better.

    Everyone can get inspired from the comfort of their home! Sometimes it can be a nuisance to suit up, travel to the event location with thousands of people, and stay focused. There might be different factors that distract people from soaking all the information in. When attending an online event, everyone can choose whether they want to watch it alone or with others. Some might decide on discussing the news with someone immediately or wait and share what they have just learned with their team.

    Another amazing perk is that despite being hosted in English, the magnificent Lyconet Online Sensation Events are translated for everyone who prefers catching up in their mother tongue, of course for free.

    Speaking of Lyconet Online Sensation Events, did you know that the last Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition is still available to watch on demand until the end of the year? Also, Lyconet’s partner myWorld hosted its very first online event in November. You can re-watch it here with different subtitles.

    Starting 2022 strong

    Now there has been a lot of talking about the benefits of online events. Are you wondering why this is important for you?

    Well, soon we will present you with exciting news and updates that will lay the foundation for the business year 2022 and the years to come.  This is an opportunity that neither Lyconet Marketers nor prospects interested in joining the Lyconet Business Model want to miss. Get ready to start 2022 strong.

    For updates on this event make sure to follow Lyconet’s social media channels as well as join the official Lyconet Online Sensation Winter Edition Facebook event: Instagram, Facebook and Facebook Event.

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