Why the Lyconet Elite Seminar 2023 will be remembered

    If we say that this was not Lyconet’s most epic and memorable event – we will be julying!

    On 7 and 8 July, we said hello to the Lyconet Elite Seminar 2023 in Germany – the biggest network marketing event in Europe. We were more than thrilled to celebrate successes personally with thousands of you. Events do bring like-minded people together and the Elite Seminar is the living proof!

    Where could our Marketers get more motivation and inspiration than at the Lyconet event?  

    Let’s have a look at our favorite moments!

    Highlights Day1 (Zoran Vitanov, Huber Freidl, Sharif Omar, Anna Hemmings, Anna Tifui)

    Highlights – day 1 

    We started the first event day with music and a little party. The DJ and the live band headed up the mood. Soon it was time for the ceremonial flag parade. Selected Marketers had the honor to represent their country and their team – in front of Marketers from over 50 countries. It was a true goosebump moment to see the great pride in the faces of all our flag bearers.

    Following an impressive welcome video, the first on stage was the one and only, Founder Hubert Freidl. He announced what to expect in the next two days. It was clear from the beginning that the Elite Seminar 2023 is going to be an unforgettable event full of thrilling news and sheer excitement.

    Hubert Freidl himself introduced this year’s host: Dan Ram. He rocked the stage from the first minute on and knew how to entertain the audience. And then it was time to welcome the first successful Lyconet President, Zoran Vitanov. He told his personal story and shared his recipe for success. It is truly impressive what he has reached in life!

    Next on stage was Radovan Vitosevic, CEO myWorld International AG. Not only did he present the latest news and features, but also did he interview Denise Stadtegger and Sebastian Kittel, CMO myWorld International AG, and COO myWorld International AG respectively. They provided even more insights into Lyconet’s most important cooperation partner myWorld. And to put the cherry on the cake, also Sharif Omar, co-owner, came on stage and shared terrific news with the audience.

    After that, it was time for some music. But that was not all. The host Dan Ram came on stage, ready to announce an unexpected highlight. The present Marketers had the chance to grab a T-shirt saying #iamshareholder. Needless to say, they were highly sought-after!

    Another person who was eagerly awaited was Peter Gruber, CEO Lyconet. He talked about the importance of a strong Why, presented the phenomenal road map for the rest of the year, and rocked the stage. There was no stopping the audience, everyone in this huge arena was joining him for the song “We will rock you”.

    The Marketers were on fire, and that did not change when the first-ever female One-Star Lyconet President came on stage – Binna Sajovic! She shared her personal story and how to build a successful team. This confident woman said about herself that she always had a goal and a strong vision, always cared about her team and the people around her, and never gave up on her dreams. And because of that, she reached Career Level 8.1!

    After a mesmerizing show act, it was time for another inspirational woman – Anna Hemmings, Olympic kayaker and World Champion. She achieved this success against all the odds, showing the world that she can reach everything she wants even when others say that she will not. Her unique combination of experience in elite sports combined with resilience and high performance resulted in useful tips for leading a successful business.

    One of the last speeches of the first day was all about Asia. Who would better explain all about that than Sharif Omar himself? He not only made sure that everyone is up to date but also invited Alfian Abu Talib, CEO myWorld Asia, and Lyconet Vice President C C Wong. Both of them gave first-hand information about the importance of the Asian market and all the possibilities it has to offer. For sure you are now all ready to conquer this continent and to make the most of the myWorld Share Program Asia!

    The first day could not end any better! Back on stage, Hubert Freidl surprised everyone with the Honolulu Special. With this opportunity, every Marketer can skyrocket his business in the fastest way possible. And it is so easy. You just need a Monthly SP Pack and you get additional Shopping Points and myWorld Share Points Asia. That is so amazing!

    At the end of the day, you were able to spot only happy faces, and everyone was waiting for the second event day to come!

    Highlights Day 2 (Peter Gruber, Tobias Beck, Dan Ram, Grand Finale)

    Highlights – day 2

    The second event day began the way the first day ended – terrific! The live band put the audience in the right mood and the host joined them for the last song. He also announced an absolutely impressive video with all the highlights from the first event day.

    The day started with Rainer Schuster, CEO travelWorld, who shared the hottest news regarding the best booking platform for you as a Marketer! From remarkable developments and unbelievable deals to the future of traveling with travelWorld Plus.

    Right after, Lyconet Senior Ambassador Nuno Daniel Grade came on stage. Experiencing it firsthand, he shared how to overcome hard moments and how to build a growing and stable Organization. And not only that. He also has a big heart for Cape Verde and eagerly works on building up this country.

    The next on stage already thrilled the audience last year and did the same at this year’s Elite Seminar. Tobias Beck, the Master of Storytelling and personal advisor of well-known CEOs, provided inspirational and motivational content and made sure to create a special experience for everyone in the arena.

    After that, the audience gave it up for Sharif Omar and Hubert Freidl. Pointing out the magnificence of mSP Asia, they also surprised everyone with the Early Bird Special. Attending Marketers could buy their Elite Seminar 2024 ticket in the next 30 minutes and enjoy unbeatable benefits. In the meantime, there was a competition: Which country had the highest number of tickets sold? We witnessed that Germany won, closely followed by Portugal and Slovenia. Due to the enormous demand, Hubert extended the Early Bird Special until the end of the Production Month of July. So, make use of it!

    Following this great special, CEO mediaWorld agency HC Neuhold announced the tremendous news and updates regarding the world of @media and the innovative @media box. This powerful speech showed that the revolution of advertising has already started!

    The next impressive success story was the one of Lyconet Presidents Gerry Seebacher. He is in the business for a really long time and knows what he is talking about. One of his biggest achievements so far is receiving his own school. That is for sure a significant milestone in everyone’s career!

    Before the day slowly started to come to an end, the outstanding Career Honoring started. Successful Marketers from different countries and with different Career Levels received their well-deserved certificates and admiration for their incredible achievements. Everyone’s face was filled with pride and joy!

    After Marketers with Career Level 5 got honored, it was time for our final speaker: Heidemarie Kipperer, Chairwoman Child & Family Foundation (CFF), and Greenfinity Foundation (GFF). Hubert Freidl interviewed her, and she gave insights into various current projects. Both foundations definitely aim to make the world a better place.

    And the Career Honoring went on! More Marketers were honored on stage and cheered on by the audience. It was an unforgettable moment for everybody. Also, the new Lyconet Presidents came on stage and got celebrated for their commitment, their preservation, and their dedication. At the end of the Career Honoring, Binna Sajovic got invited on stage again. As a One-Star Lyconet President, she received her well-deserved car and the CFF trophy. She is such a powerful woman!

    Finally, the long-awaited moment came, a promise turned into reality! Marketers received their registered preferred shares of myWorld International AG! The given energy, motivation, and power at that moment cannot even be described. It was simply stunning!

    And what about the entertainment? It was ongoing! Between all the speeches, we experienced a colorful range of talented performers, illuminating lights, and fantastic music. But the real stars of the event were all of you who attended the Elite Seminar 2023!

    If you did not manage to join us, you definitely missed an incomparable event. But you can have this valuable experience at the Lyconet Elite Seminar 2024. Get your tickets and expect something big!

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