Why is self-esteem important for business

    In today’s fast-paced society, having a talent, good education, enough capability, or knowledge in a specific area is sometimes not enough to help you set your career path. 90% of the time, your dedication and self-depiction are the key to your success. How you see and present yourself in business can be more important than you might think. Several studies have shown that people with high self-esteem tend to be more successful, not only in the work area but also in their private lives. 

    What is high self-esteem and when is it too high

    In order to have high self-esteem, it is important to understand the meaning of self-esteem. In a sense, it means having respect for yourself. In addition, self-esteem refers to how you put yourself into the world and the ability to do things on your own. It can also mean that you think your ideas, feelings, and opinions matter. High self-esteem is more than self-love and self-acceptance – it includes values, dignity, and respect too. 

    As mentioned above, having high self-esteem can influence all spheres of your life. When you truly recognize your worth and values as a human being, there is nothing stopping you from achieving anything you want to.  

    “Persons of high self-esteem are not driven to make themselves superior to others; they do not seek to prove their value by measuring themselves against a comparative standard. Their joy is being who they are, not in being better than someone else.”  

    Nathaniel Branden 

    High self-esteem is a characteristic that every successful entrepreneur has. Being confident in the workplace makes you initiative, assertive and determined. Having true confidence allows you to have a positive impact at work and helps you to make choices. High self-esteem is also linked to the intent to benefit others as well as to generosity and empathy.  

    On the other hand, too much self-esteem can ruin businesses and relationships. It is a form of wrong self-perception. It is important to understand the difference between healthy high self-esteem and arrogance. High self-esteem does not mean being egotistical, thinking you are incapable of mistakes, or better than everyone else. 

    Self-esteem and leadership with Lyconet 

    All Marketers are drawn to the idea of independence, exactly because of their leadership qualities, self-esteem, and personal values. With Lyconet you have the possibility to build your own team, but the way you manage and guide it, it’s entirely up to you. Every Marketer has to master certain skills and have high self-esteem in order to build and expand their team. Expanding your team is undoubtedly one of the factors that will define your career development. That being said, being a good team leader is a very responsible task and certainly one of the crucial factors for a Marketer’s career development. Each leader and entrepreneur should be aware of his/her strengths, and values and believe that nothing is impossible. In that way, they can inspire and motivate their team members and be the leader their team deserves! 

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