Where can you find your Christmas presents in 2020

    Christmas is just around the corner and just like every other year, we are faced with the challenge of finding the right place to acquire our Christmas presents.  We have some tips and inspirations for you!

    Who should you add to your Christmas list? 

    The first people we think of, when it comes to Christmas shopping are our friends and family. We want to take this opportunity to show our loved ones, how much they mean to us.   

    Christmas is also a time to show appreciation to those who are an important part of our daily success. From the perspective of a good businessman, it is important to think of your partners and team members. The thoughtful gesture of adding these people to your Christmas list, can play an important part in maintaining good business relationships, which inevitably contribute to your professional success. 

    What constitutes the perfect gift? 

    The million-dollar question: What should I give them? After all, it shouldn’t just be another ordinary gift. 

    • Set a high standard, where quality is concerned. Low quality gifts will never achieve the desired effect and could in fact damage the relationship instead. 
    • The gift should show your appreciation and let your partners and team members know, how highly you value them.  
    • Simple and classy is always the best way to go. 
    • By adding your company logo to your choice of gift, you can further benefit from this opportunity by making sure your business is remembered throughout the year. 

    The Benefit Store – a one-stop shop for business presents

    The Benefit Store offers a wide range of products. It is the go-to platform for Lyconet Marketers to purchase items from Cashback World Partners as well as Marketers can also find a variety of high quality Lyconet merchandise to choose from, in this one-stop online store. 

    As mentioned before, it is a great idea to gift partners and team members with branded high-quality items, just like the ones offered in the Benefit Store. We think that YOU also deserve something special, so we have decided to offer you this Christmas season treat: Get up to 20% off selected Lyconet merchandise in the Benefit Store*!  

    Are you searching for that special high-quality gift? You need not look any further. Representing the Lyconet lifestyle, the diamond of spirits: The Great 8 Gin. Have you already had the pleasure of experiencing this gem from the whiskey distillery of Peter Affenzeller? This finely tuned gin with its distinctive multi-layered taste is the perfect present to express high regard for your business partners. Therefore, The Great 8 Gin is now also available in the Benefit Store**.

    Still not sure? Let us help you by offering a few recommendations:

    • Do your partners enjoy a nice glass of wine? How about the exquisite Rösle Wine Set
    • Always needed but mostly not available, a pen. The S.T Dupont pen offers elegance and functionality, the perfect gift for an entrepreneur. 
    • Business calls are becoming a large part of our daily lives. The Xiaomi Redmi Airdots can assist in making such business calls free and easy.   
    • Soon business trips will start up again. The Thule backpack is the perfect travelling companion, making your journey much more comfortable. 

    *Valid as long as stocks last.
    **Only available in selected countries

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