What makes the Lyconet Business Model so unique?

    What if we told you that there is a unique way to be successful? A way which gives you the opportunity of being an entrepreneur, of being self-employed and in charge of your life and your success, while still having the support of a community and a global organisation to back you up and guide you along your path.  

    Lyconet offers precisely this. It does not mean that you will not need to devote your time and work hard, but you will reap the rewards from every moment you put into your business. You can decide for yourself how much time and energy you wish to dedicate, knowing that your income and benefits will match the work you devoted to the process. You can work from anywhere and the more your Organization grows the more possibilities you will have. You will receive benefits for every single purchase made within the myWorld Benefit Program. As a Global Marketing Agency, the potential is limitless.  

    Another important aspect is that absolutely everyone can join. You do not need to have an impressive CV, a master’s degree, or 10 years of experience, although any wisdom or knowledge you have gained in the past will certainly assist you along the way. Your background or gender are of no consequence at Lyconet. It is your determination, commitment and team spirit which will lead you to a successful and prosperous career which will also grant you freedom and offer you a lifestyle you would never have found in a more traditional job with a traditional company.  

    Lyconet offers the perfect infrastructure and tools to help newcomers to start their career as Marketers. With brilliant advice from some of the most world-renowned speakers and various Webinars, new Marketers can build a solid ground on which to step. Lyconet’s exciting events offer not only entertainment but also present all the relevant updates and a range of insightful tips on how to bring Marketers to the next level. But as actions or in this case, success stories speak louder than words, let us introduce you to some of our Marketers, who grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself to them.  

    First we would like to present the Lyconet Consultants Team starting with Career Level 1 to 3. Valeska Schmid (Career Level 3 from Germany) is studying Sports and Nutrition and has recently started her Lyconet career because she found the concept of a worldwide cashback system fascinating. Additionally, she has always been passionate about helping others and her biggest dream is to have her school one day. Augustus Nogueira (Career Level 3 from Brazil) used to be a professional football player, who relocated to Portugal and to his surprise he found out that numerous colleagues of his have a second full-time job. He was attracted to Lyconet because it allowed him to work flexibly and find enough time for his family and friends. Daniela Rapp (Career Level 3 from Germany) decided to spend more time with her children and as a single mother, she appreciates the Lyconet Business model that allows her to find the perfect balance between motherhood and career. 

    Having reached Career Level 4, 5 or 6,  Marketers are now Lyconet Ambassadors.  Anne-Mari Kuusisaari (Career Level 4 from Finnland), who joined because she wanted to have a job with which she could work from anywhere in the world and still earn well long-term. Mona Siegle (Career Level 4 from Germany) who is blown away by the personal development she has achieved in the short time she has been a Lyconet Marketer, by gaining confidence and moving out of her comfort zone. Tjaša Mihalič (Career Level 5 from Slovenia) whose decision was validated in her own mind when she achieved Career Level 5 in only 2 months, earning more than she could have in any classical business. Etienne Brüderlein (Career Level 4 from Germany) reached Career Level 4 in only 6 months and now enjoys the freedom to travel and work where and when he chooses. Kevin Koebele Career Level 4 from Germany) started 7 months ago and has reached Career Level 4 and has realized his dreams with great people and in a unique team. Norbert Albrecht (Career Level 4 from Poland), who is only 19 years old and has already reached Career Level 4. Mychal Migryt (Career Level 4 from Poland) started with Lyconet to create an additional income and meet successful people and is now on the path to reach the Presidents Team. And last but not least, Claudia Hilger (Career Level 5 from Germany) advises “Let your dream grow and in fact, others with them”.  

    Here are some inspirational success stories from the most recent additions to the Lyconet Presidents team. Meet Lyconet’s Vice Presidents:  

    Marc Messinger (Career Level 7 from Germany) had worked in the banking sector for many years before joining Lyconet. His ultimate goal is not only to reach Career Level 8 but also to have his own school with which he can help his team to achieve the success he has attained.  

    “The more you give the more you will receive.” 

    Fredi Taucher (Career Level 7 from Austria) was an electrician when a good friend introduced him to Lyconet. It took him a few months to find his feed but once he did, he never looked back. He now has more free time to spend with his wife and 3 children. His motivation to reach Career Level 8 this year is great.  

    “To start a Lyconet business is the best way to bring yourself and others out of the hamster wheel.” 

    Matej Pirtovšek (Career Level 7 from Slovenia) believes that reaching Career Level 7 is only the first step for him. Among his goals are Career Level 8 and complete financial freedom, building a strong middle class in his country and building a school in a developing country.  

    “Lyconet has a phenomenal education system.”

    But Career Level 8 and the associated title Lyconet President is not the end because “Our business is unlimited” – Hubert Freidl.

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