What are the benefits of Social Media?

    Nowadays technology is one of the forces that “runs” the world at full speed.  Some of us grew up with the internet or at least witnessed the immense influence and impact it happened to have after reaching its peak and the way it changed society in less than 2-3 decades. From spreading valuable information within a split second and connecting people globally, through building businesses, we must admit that the internet is a one-of-a-kind revolution.  

    The list of the benefits of the internet is never-ending and the good part is that everyone can take advantage of it. Social Media for example is the anchor and the secret card of many companies. Throughout Social Media a large and diverse audience can be reached in the fastest and most cost-efficient way possible. Social Media can raise brand awareness by promoting it on huge platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc., and therefore, increase sales numbers. It helps the research and the development of the business with its diverse tools. Social Media can additionally narrow down the definition and the choice of the proper marketing strategy. All the channels need to be daily monitored and maintained, which “forces” the company to be always on track with the most relevant information and trends.  

    For you as a Lyconet Marketer, the possibilities are endless. Through Social Media you can raise awareness about Lyconet and its flexible business model. Lyconet offers equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, language, location, or educational background. Since you have the chance to work with people from all around the world and expand your team on an international level, you should take full advantage of all the treasures that Social Media hides.  

    It is no secret that the technology is so developed, that the word phone changed its meaning in the past few years. Smartphones are as developed as computers and having technology of that sort in your pocket has become a necessity. People use their phones to complete a business task, to track their health habits, purchase products and deliver payments. Life becomes easier after downloading the right app and with a couple of simple steps, complicated problems can be resolved. As mentioned in our previous article The Three Wise Apps, some smartphone apps have become irreplaceable commodities. All Marketers who download the three apps, namely the Lyconet App, the myWorld app and the travelWorld app, will have the chance to stay connected with their teams, be always up to date and have easy access to the KPIs of their team,  even book their next business or leisure trip. 

    The Lyconet App allows you to have instant access to your most important KPIs and to track the activities and developments within your Organization. You can also access and share presentations and videos and use the QR code to add Marketers and/or Merchants to your Organization anywhere and at any time. 

    Download the App now: iOS, Android 

    The myWorld App will allow you to find a myWorld partner near you, where you can shop as much as you want and that can create more shopping volume. By creating more shopping volume at the right place you can significantly boost your career. You just need to open the app and give your phone a quick shake to make the QR-code or barcode appear. You should also recommend this app to your customers as it will help them to take full advantage of their myWorld membership. 

    Download the App now: iOS, Android 

    The travelWorld App is there to take care of the business and leisure trips not only of all Marketers. Planning a trip might not always be easy, however, with travelWorld you can manage all your bookings on this app and receive the best possible deals by benefiting from their partnership with myWorld. Once you have made your bookings, you can access them and receive any updates or information directly in the app. This app isn’t only ideal for you as a Marketer but also for your customers. 

    Download the App now: iOS, Android 

    Nowadays, technology offers you access to more knowledge than ever before. The internet has connected the world and businesses can benefit from the online presence. For you as a Marketer, this opens up international opportunities since you can expand your business worldwide. 

    The internet could be a very positive step towards education, organisation and participation in a meaningful society. – Noam Chomsky 

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