Welcome to the revolution of advertising

    On 5 November, the @media Network Launch Event took place in Roncade, Italy. There, the very first phase of the revolution of advertising started! We are, of course, talking about the first-ever @media box launch! myWorld and mediaWorld International have come up with this highly progressive product for its customers, which also opens entirely new opportunities for Lyconet Marketers just like you.

    With the @media box, myWorld and mediaWorld International revolutionize today’s advertising sector. How? That is easy: The @media box is a complete game-changer, not only for myWorld customers and partners but also for Lyconet Marketers like you. It ingeniously unites the myWorld shopping experience with the consumption of advertising and additionally enables its users to benefit from this combination.

    Benefits, benefits, and more benefits on your way

    The @media box is a device that can be connected to the TV. It combines all myWorld channels and platforms, for example, and the travel booking platform, in one simple product. myWorld customers, but also Lyconet Marketers who use the @media box, receive access to a wealth of ads – which are of particular interest to them – from myWorld and external partners. You can even decide individually how many ads you want to have displayed and on which topics. You will see these in a split-screen format on TV while you are streaming a movie or playing a video game; so, while doing things you are doing daily anyway. The best about it: For every ad watched, the users of the @media box receive Cashback and Shopping Points, and they can buy the desired product shown in the ad with one simple click on their remote control!

    @media Network Launch Event

    Let us observe and summarize how successful the launch was and dive right into it!

    First, on stage, Radovan Vitosevic, COO myWorld International, announced all the news and updates regarding myWorld and the all-favorite Scan & Go myWorld feature. Then Founder Hubert Freidl shared that myWorld customers can soon look forward to updates in the myWorld App regarding the shopping experience with myWorld. Furthermore, he pinpointed the benefits of the @media box and what to expect in the near future.

    And the highlight of the event started when Hans Christian Neuhold, CEO mediaWorld International, explained the opportunity merchants have while using the @media box to promote their businesses, products, and services. Many SMEs will be able to place their ads on TV now, while before they did not have this chance due to high fees.

    Some other perks:

    • Measurable advertising
    • Online targeting with classical TV advertising
    • Easy to sell advertising via the @media box
    • L-banner advert awakes interest

    SMEs just need to register to the B2B panel and in easy 4 steps, they can create and place their adverts on the @media box.

    The 1st step is to set up the campaign, to give it a name – for example Cyber Monday Sale – and to choose the campaign’s objective, e.g., website traffic, conversions, etc.

    The 2nd step is to upload the files for the advert, such as still images for an L-banner and full-screen banners.

    The 3rd step is to define the target audience. SMEs can target by gender, age, location, language, and interests.

    The 4th step is to schedule the advertising campaign by selecting the preferred weekdays for displaying the ad, time slots, and time range of the campaign activity.

    Unleashing the power of addressable TV, the @media box offers effective, targeted, measurable, and affordable TV advertising solutions for companies of all sizes – from SMEs to big media booking agencies. SMEs can take advantage of the @media box to discover the taste of TV advertising, which is very often restricted by larger budgets. @media represents their chance to start TV advertising affordably as well as effectively.

    Are you ready to join the revolution of advertising?

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