Welcome to Paradise – Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition

    The Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition is happening soon and we just can’t wait! If you haven’t registered yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Simply click here to complete your registration and share your ticket codes. We will be thrilled to welcome you virtually to our exclusive EliteClub Villa in Thessaloniki, Greece on 24 July 2021 at 5 PM (CEST). 

    The chance to soak in the Mediterranean flair is not the only reason the Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition will be the next highlight of the year. Here are 6 reasons why you should save the date and attend this extraordinary event.  

    Discover all the news related to the world of Lyconet and myWorld.   

    Mario Kapun, Lyconet CEO and founder Huber Freidl are always delighted to keep you up to date with all the exciting new developments, changes and improvements. We are continuously working to perfect our service to best achieve our ultimate vision: ”To make people successful”. During the last Lyconet Online Sensation back in April, Mario Kapun and Hubert Freidl presented the remarkable Media Center, the Hall of Fame, Lyconet’s new app and many other exciting announcements. The Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition is now rapidly approaching and will unveil even more surprises, so stay tuned! 

    Learn more about stability and business

    Lyconet offers not only the perfect infrastructure but also the perfect tools for the grounding of a stable business. Additionally, the Lyconet Online Sensation is the best way for existing Marketers to introduce this phenomenal business opportunity to others and help them learn more about stability and business.  In 2020 it was proven that we need a certain level of stability. With Lyconet the time and the effort you spent on your Career as a Marketer plays a significant role and the more you are involved the more stability you can create for yourself. It is a perfect fit for everyone, regardless of their level of education, location, language, gender etc. and the best part is that you can do all that from anywhere. If you want to learn more, the Lyconet Online Sensation is the perfect way to do so! 

    Get first-hand advice from the world’s best business coaches  

    It is always a pleasure to welcome one of the world’s most renowned speakers – Eric Worre to the stage. His level of professionalism and expertise should not be missed. You can use his insightful advice and tips to significantly boost your Career as a Marketer.  In his opinion mentorship from someone who walked the path before you may be crucial for your business. For example, if you have ever wondered ‘’How did they managed that?’’ or ‘’How did they come up with this idea?’’, the answer is the always same – they had someone who mentored them. 

    Learn more about the absolute-must have @media box Special

    The recently announced @media box Special is about to revolutionize the future of advertising and is planned to be released in Autumn 2022. How? Well, what if you and your customers can be rewarded for every advertisement you see while enjoying your favorite movie or playing a game you like? @media box Special can make it possible for all Marketers and myWorld Customers to receive Shopping Points and Cashback while watching TV or streaming online. Thanks to the myWorld partnership you will get Cashback and Shopping Points for every ad you see. All the ads are completely customizable, which means that you can decide which product advertisements you want to see and how often you want to watch them. If you are eager to learn how to get your @media box, make sure to watch the Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition! 

    Take advantage of its online format

    Being able to watch the Lyconet Online Sensation from the comfort of your own home has its perks. Lately, the results of the shift to the virtual world have brought many positive changes with them. Digital events are now favored by many due to their flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Additionally, they can save you a lot of time since it’s you no longer need to travel. Unlike live events which inevitably can only be attended by a specified number of people, which is dependent on the venue they are held in, online events can welcome everyone! They are also very reliable – all you have to do is save the date.   

    Don’t forget to have fun!  

    Last but not least, treat yourself and have some fun while watching the Lyconet Online Sensation! The event will be translated into 27 languages for free. Make yourself comfortable, grab some snacks and a drink and enjoy all that will be presented on screen. After all, we will certainly offer you a memorable experience and keep you entertained. 


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