Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition Highlights Part III

    If you have already seen the Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition or read our previous articles Welcome to Paradise – Lyconet Online Sensation Part I and Part II, you already know that it was an absolute smash – Mediterranean flair, like-minded thriving people and the perfect amount of entertainment. In case you didn’t have this opportunity, don’t worry! You can stream the event on demand anytime and anywhere. Just click here to register, share your ticket codes and dive in.   

    One of the highlights of the event was the talk between Mario Kapun, CEO Lyconet, and two of Lyconet’s respected Presidents as well as Herbert Teissel, CRO Lyconet International and so-called “guru of SMEs”.   

    Ladies first – meet Lyconet President Anna Tifui   

    Anna Tifui (Career Level 8) was a successful entrepreneur before joining Lyconet. Deciding to try what Lyconet offers was a decision that changed her life forever. She became a mother almost 2 years ago and with Lyconet she has been having enough time to be the parent she has always wanted to be. According to her, many women must face the difficult choice of either staying at home or leaving someone else in charge of raising their infants. Luckily, Lyconet gives every Marketer the opportunity to work anytime and from anywhere in their pursuit of success. 

    “The best Marketers are yet to come” – Lyconet President Zoran Vitanov  

    Zoran Vitanov (Career Level 8) was also inspired to start his Lyconet Career by his children. He saw an opportunity and seized to catch it. Zoran decided to talk to everyone, not only to potential customers or Marketers but also to Merchants, because having a good balance between customers and Merchants is one of the key factors to the business.  

    Zoran recalled when he first joined the business with a smile on his face. He has been part of Lyconet for the past 10 years and is especially proud of the foundations that were built and immensely optimistic about the future:  

    “The most difficult task is already behind us. The foundations are already there. All tools are already here, and the potential is here. The best marketers are yet to come, they don’t even know about it yet, they have not heard about it. Our task is to let them know. Everything is set, you just have to start.”

    “The magic word is purchasing’’ – Herbert Teissel – CRO Lyconet  

    Speaking of the importance of the SMEs and Merchant Marketers, Herbert Teissel, CRO Lyconet International, is the absolute expert in this field. He expressed his admiration for all Merchant Marketers who managed to overcome every obstacle the pandemic threw at them thanks to their dedication and hard work. He also noted that it is crucial to support SMEs as a Marketer and that the easiest way is through purchasing – the magic word for small and medium-sized enterprises. Simply search for merchants in the area via the myWorld app and remember one thing:  

    “Every purchase counts.”  — Herbert Teissel, CRO Lyconet International 

    Thousands of Merchant Marketers did an amazing job, by explaining all the perks of the myWorld Benefit Store. In Herbert’s opinion, the myWorld Benefit Store is the perfect platform for every single merchant and for all Marketers. The Merchant Marketers succeeded thanks to the brilliant preparation, the online seminars and various materials they were offered by Lyconet.

    Herbert is excited about starting to offer live seminars worldwide soon and about all the innovations that are about to come in the business. His advice to all Marketers and Merchant Marketers is to start as soon as possible, because:

    “If you don’t do it now, someone else will do it tomorrow.” — Herbert Teissel, CRO Lyconet 

    Travel in Style – EliteClub meets travelWorld 

    Additionally, we had the chance to learn about the future of travelWorld and EliteClub. If you are curious to find out more, stay tuned to our next article – Travel in Style – EliteClub meets travelWorld

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