When in Greece – Lyconet Star Cruise

    The first of September is widely associated with new beginnings – a new season, being back to school and university or coming back to work from the summer holiday. As for the kids that means new books or catching up with classmates, for adults, it means time for brand new opportunities and time to set new goals.

    But there is no better way for Lyconet to mark new beginnings and new opportunities for its Marketers than the marvellous Lyconet Star Cruise that took place from the first until the sixth of September. The journey started in Athens, went through the breathtaking islands of Paros, Mykonos, Santorini and Hydra. All Marketers who managed to complete the three Lyconet Star Cruise Challenges, regardless of their Career Level, had the amazing chance to participate, connect and enjoy the exotic Mediterranean flair.

    Day 1

    After all, Marketers arrived in Athens, the famous Greek capital, they were welcomed by the magnificent five-masted cruise ship Club Med 2, which is known to be the largest motor sailing ship in the world. With its elegant design, sleek silhouette and spacious setting, the Club Med 2 became home to all Lyconet guests and gave them the chance to enjoy the idleness of the never-ending summer.

    Except for admiring the divine beauty of the endless blue horizon, the guests enjoyed the delicious buffet and its fine sushi selection while talking about the business, experiences, and their background. The first successful day was a success, and all the participants had the chance to get excited for the upcoming days full of stunning views of the open sea and endless opportunities for new international partnerships, collaborations, and friendships.

    Day 2

    As the cruise ship sailed towards its first destination, all guests had not only the opportunity to exchange their versatile business experiences, but to also become acquainted with the latest developments of Lyconet and its amazing partner myWorld. This start was the perfect opportunity for them to deepen their knowledge of the business and to harvest experience from successful Leaders as well as from brilliant cooperates, such as CEO Lyconet, Mario Kapun and CEO myWorld, Sharif Omar.

    Whether you are a Lyconet Marketer, or newly interested in the business you should keep an eye on the brand-new developments presented by myWorld. You can discover more about all upcoming updates and shopping with benefits by having a look online on the myWorld website or the myWorld App.

    After that, the Marketers could appreciate the Cruise’s first stop – Paros. Paros is a beloved tourist destination and known for its fine white marbles, picturesque little villages and its vast beaches.

    Day 3

    Two highlights of the third day of the event were the keynote meetings presented by Lyconet President Gerry Seebacher (Career Level 8.1) with the always relevant topic of Leadership, and Rainer Schuster, CEO travelWorld Global and Tim Jodts, CSO travelworld Global, with the topic of business and travelling.

    Speaking of travelling, the next two destinations on the list have become the symbols of travelling in Greece in past few years – namely, Mykonos (Day 3) and Santorini (Day 4). Mykonos is known for its beauty and its party atmosphere. Maybe because of the island’s party atmosphere or simply because of the Cruise’s brilliant organization, the White Party remains one of the most favorable among the guests.

    Day 4

    Our top Lyconet Presidents and Leaders know that the key to success is passion for learning something new and always staying motivated. Therefore, this cruise had another ace up its sleeve and gave the floor to the exceptional Lyconet Presidents Duarte Saldanha (Career Level 8) and brilliant Lyconet President Zoran Vitanov (Career Level 8). They shared their valuable long-standing experience and inspired everyone by their success. In case you want to read more about Duarte, check our Duarte Saldanha – the man with no excuses article and stay tuned for Zoran.

    After that, it was time for exploring the iconic Santorini, with its memorable one-of-a-kind cyclidic architecture.

    Day 5

    After numerous business keynotes and a well-spend time socializing with experienced guests, this wonderful journey, through the Greek Mediterranean Sea, set its route back to Athens. The Lyconet Star Cruise made a last but impressive stop at the island of Hydra. Hydra is known for its pebble beaches and unforgettable character. At last, but not least, this impressive journey ended with a grandiose thematic party. Dress to Impress. What a perfect ending to the majestic event.

    Day 6

    And back to Athens! Every day was a brand-new opportunity for all Marketers from lower Career Levels to interact, get inspired and gain valuable advice from all Lyconet Presidents and Leaders.

    What an amazing way to say goodbye to Summer 2021 and embrace all the opportunities Autumn holds ahead!


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