We provide the perfect infrastructure and tools for our Marketers

    Lyconet is a global marketing agency that operates in more than 50 countries worldwide and has already guided more than 500.000 independent entrepreneurs on their path to success. Lyconet provides you as a Marketer with an online platform, with which you can efficiently manage your business in a highly-professional manner, locate services and support in your respective mother tongue as well as events for personal development and training. All of this is in keeping with Lyconet’s vision:

    “To make people successful”

    Our newest release of the Lyconet App offers you instant access to your most important KPIs and allows you to be up to speed on the activities and developments within your Organization. Moreover, it allows you to discover and share presentations and videos, making it easy to make a professional and high-quality presentation on the spur of the moment. With this fantastic support right there at your fingertips, it is impossible to let an opportunity pass you by. By using the QR code available in the app Marketers and/or Merchants can be added to your Organization anywhere and at any time. We are continuously improving our technology to ensure that it is as user friendly as possible, ensuring your daily business is streamlined. Lyconet is continuously refining its services and strives to keep you up to date on the latest and most relevant information regarding your career, so stay tuned!

    Download the App here: iOS, Android

    Lyconet provides equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of their gender, location, or professional background. No matter wheather you want to focus all your professional energy on building your Lyconet business or simply wish to establish an additional income, everyone is welcome to join, you never know where the journey may take you.

    A Brand New Media Center

    In addition to the Lyconet App, the new Media Center now offers access to a huge variety of Presentation Materials, Videos and Factsheets. The Media Center is your one-stop-location for anything you could possibly need for your daily activities as a Marketer. But it does not end there, a large amount of the material available can be accessed in a number of different languages. As a global company it is important to Lyconet, to make sure that you can not only find the information or material that you require, but also be able to use it in a way which makes you and your team feel most comfortable. Offering a total of 7 categories, you can browse through the available Material or go directly to the specific category you require at that moment in time. Thus, adding a touch of creative organisation to your endeavours.

    With such strong infrastructure in place, Lyconet has created a foundation which allows Marketers to build their Organization to skyscraper magnitude without ever having to worry about stability or concerning themselves with longwinded search procedures. Why not take some time to browse through the content of the Media Center and allow yourself to be inspired? It doesn’t matter in which way you would like to grow your Organization, you will always find the right material to guide you on your way! Your next presentation is bound to be an unparalleled success.

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