Uniting for our Planet

    The Greenfinity Foundation and its supporters share the vison to create a healthy and sustainable future for our children and grandchildren. A future in which man and nature can not only coexist but prosper together.  

    Standing side by side

    Moving forward, the future of our planet should be at the forefront of each and every decision made by both individuals and businesses alike. We will only be able to achieve a sustainable future in which we can enjoy the spoils of our labour, if we prioritise this essential goal.  Without the beauty and prosperity, our planet offers us no personal or business achievement will matter.

    Sharing the responsibility 

    The choice is yours. Do you want to sit on the side-lines while our planet is destroyed a little more every day, or do you want to accept the challenge to share the responsibility and contribute to the mission to save our home? Many of your fellow Lyconet Marketers have already made the decision to support the environmental projects of the Greenfinity Foundation. Have you also joined the mission?

    Thank you for your support 

    Our true priorities become most evident in times of crisis. We are happy and proud that our community has proven their dedication to the cause over the past months. It is evident that they are serious about the environment and are not simply following a popular trend. No matter what other challenges we are confronted with, our long-term goal remains the same. The Greenfinity Foundation would like to take this opportunity to extend their gratitude to each and every one of their supporters, who have continued to contribute during these challenging times. Your continued assistance is of the utmost importance, if we are to maintain the high-quality work which will positively impact the environment in our project regions.    

    Find more information about the Greenfinity Foundation’s work to protect our environment and discover how you can help: 

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