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    TravelWorld is a fast-growing travel booking platform, which makes booking more effortless and more rewarding.

    Discover the world with travelWorld

    Global travel has been evolving rapidly in the past years. The entire myWorld community is traveling, so it was time to call travelWorld into life and give you access to the most innovative travel experiences available. travelWorld is a travel booking platform that connects customers directly to over 1.5 billion accommodations worldwide and introduces a revolution in travel pricing. It allows users to build the most cost-effective, tailored travel itinerary at the click of a mouse. 

    When you become a part of the travelWorld community, you obtain access to an interconnected, flexible, and innovative world of traveling. From any device, from any place on earth, our platform covers your travel needs. 

    Benefits with every booking

    TravelWorld was launched in September last year during our Online Sensation. Rainer Schuster, CEO of travelWorld introduced the brand-new platform and clearly stated some of their goals.Fast forward a few months and their goal to offer over 1 millions accommodations has already been reached. At the most recent Lyconet Online Sensation in January, new guests joined Rainer on stage to discuss the unique and innovative service. Joyce, a travel blogger, shared the personal experience she had with the travel platform. Her main reason for choosing travelWorld over any other platform, is the free cancellation feature. Especially in these uncertain times during the global pandemic, it provides a feeling of security as costumers won’t lose their money should the worst-case scenario occur. The Shopping Points and Cashback received for every booking is another great feature. So not only does travelWorld offer great prices, but it also offers an instant reward.

    How Marketers Benefit

    With travelWorld, Marketers now have more opportunities to grow their income and Career Level on a larger scale. One of the tasks of a Lyconet Marketer, is to connect people to merchants through the Cashback system. Now you can get paid for a number of purchases being made within your organization on travel. You can develop your shopping network to be as big as you want with Marketers, customers, and merchants. It will benefit your career and your success, every time someone within your shopping network, a shopper or a Marketer, books through travelWorld.

    Did you know that travelWorld has an app? It is like having your very own personal travel assistant during your trip and allows you to make all your bookings in one easy to manage app. If you are already a Lyconet Marketer, this tool will be a great addition for you to earn Shopping Points and Cashback through services you might use for yourself or others.

    Future of travelWorld

    CEO of travelWorld, Rainer Schuster clearly mentioned the direction of the services:

    We are called travelWorld and not hotelWorld

    This means, in the future, travelWorld wants to cover the whole life cycle of a trip. Starting from the booking, choosing flights and accommodations, car rentals, all the way to tour guides, or anything else you may require. Constant improvements are necessary in order to create the world’s biggest travel community. So, visit and be a part of this revolutionary travel experience.

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