Travel in style – EliteClub meets travelWorld

    “We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves” – Pico Iyer 

    Life can be hectic and overwhelming sometimes and many of us seek refuge in traveling. Traveling is not just a temporary change of scenery, and there is a bunch of scientific proof that it can boost our overall mental and physical health, general performance, and level of happiness.   

    Through traveling, we acquire new information and gain valuable experience, which can help us develop our conceptual thinking. By observing the world we can also learn a lot about ourselves. Once we are back from our holiday we are well-rested and more energetic, therefore more productive than before. Not to mention that researching, planning and preparing our next trip always keeps us excited and eager for what is coming next. And last but not least, the positive memories stay with us forever. 

    “Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers. The mind can never break off from the journey” – Pat Conroy 

    When in doubt – choose travelWorld! 

    In the past couple of months, despite all the challenges 2021 threw at us, travelWorld has managed to flourish. If you have seen the last Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition you probably know that travelWorld is one of the best online travel agencies and a proficients partner of Lyconet and myWorld. It can offer you more than 2 million accommodations worldwide –  from the most exotic beach house to the most remote and secluded chalet. On top,  you can book millions of flight combinations and as of now, all that available in 13 languages and 35 currencies. As a Marketer, you enjoy all the benefits that travelWorld has to offer you, such as double Shopping Points and Cashback, while sipping a cocktail at your favorite beach resort.   

    travelWorld’s one–click policy and unreplaceable app are perfectly tailored to meet your needs and simplify the booking process to the minimum. As a matter of fact, booking was never easier since you don’t need extra logins and always remain on the same page.  

    The goal of Rainer Schuster, CEO travelWorld Global, as he shared during the event, is travelWorld to be able to offer more Benefit Deals until the end of the year, so stay tuned!   

    Join the extraordinary with EliteClub 

    EliteClub is a further partner of Lyconet and is known to be one of the world’s most prestigious business clubs. It connects like-minded and inspiring people across the globe, who only want the best in life. With a luxurious infrastructure and the most exclusive deals and services, EliteClub offers its members the chance to take their business to another level. 

    Why is EliteClub so special? – Well, unlike other private clubs that offer only an entrance to a single location to a local community only, EliteClub services go in all directions.   

    During the last Lyconet Online Sensation, Meglena Krumova, Managing Director EliteClub, pointed out the successful collaboration between EliteClub and travelWorld, as EliteClub’s eminent exclusive deals go even further. has a separate section for EliteClub’s members and offers them a range of private deals. Furthermore, all EliteClub member’s requests are taken into consideration, which means that they can book a private estate for both business and leisure.  

    What a great combination –  now you can take advantage of EliteClub’s splendid exclusivity and travelWorld’s world-class professionalism and get the most extraordinary travel. Don’t miss out on it! 

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