Thomas Höller – a man who achieved what many believed to be an impossible feat in business

    Thomas Höller accomplished something astounding, he reached Career Level 7 in only 10 short months.

    Prior to his success with Lyconet, Thomas Höller was a professional football (soccer) player. By nature, he is a driven, passionate, and ambitious person. These traits as well as his passion for sport were the driving forces behind his successful football career. It was this sport which made him realise that passion alone does not lead to success, it also requires ambition and determination. These qualities along with his never-give-up mindset became the foundation on which he built his success.

    As a professional athlete, you are constantly faced with the reality that your career will not last forever. This knowledge led Thomas to always be on the look out for new possibilities. It was the year 2008 when he came across Lyconet and instantly felt a connection to the company’s vision. He had spent most of his life dreading the day he would have to leave his passion behind and peruse other avenues, believing that he would be lost without football. However, Lyconet was able to offer him a different perspective, one which let him to take on many new challenges. While still active in professional football and with his new occupation of being a Lyconet Marketer, he took part in the famous Ironman and even became a football coach. He was living a fulfilled and busy life until it all started to overwhelm him. Having taken on too much at once, he started to suffer from panic attacks, leading him to the realisation that something had to change.

    ‘’It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.’’ – Tony Robbins

    In January 2020 Thomas had hit rock bottom, but he was not about to let this phase of his life define him. He was determined to change his lifestyle and made one very clear decision which was to lead him out of this dark moment and back to success and prosperity. This decision was to focus all his energy onto his Lyconet business. With a clear goal in mind and his determination to reach the top once again, things started to fall into place. The challenging time helped Thomas to find his WHY with which he could finally create a clear vison. He started to climb a very steep mountain which lead from Career Level 1 to Career Level 7 in only 10 months. His ability to not only reach the top once but twice in two completely different careers is a testimony of his strong personality and his powerful mindset.

    ‘’The most important thing in my life is to never give up, everything is possible.’’ – Thomas Höller

    Thomas is a true role model. He does not only inspire people to be more successful in business but also to be environmentally aware. He lives an environmentally friendly lifestyle and encourages others to do the same. For this very reason he is a devoted supporter of the    Greenfinity Foundation, which aims to create environmental awareness, ensure the conservation of habitats, and help people in disadvantaged regions. This vision is not only in line with his personal views but has also strengthened his resolve to make sustainable changes for our environment in his already honourable lifestyle.

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