The USP and the right product

    A brand-new Merchant Marketer Talk is now available on webinarWorld. The webinar’s topic: USPs and the importance of choosing the right product 

    Partner Program or Premium Partner Program? That is the question! 

    Have you been asking yourself what the difference between the Partner Program and the Premium Partner Program is? Watching the new webinar, will answer this question and provide you with priceless information on how to sell it. You will also have the opportunity to learn about the sales process from the CRO of Lyconet International, Herbert Teissel. 

    Will the Partner Program or the Premium Partner Program provide the best fit for the Merchant?  This also needs to be kept in mind.  

    “Learn to say no”

    Herbert Teissel, CRO Lyconet International

    The USP – how to underline your arguments 

    The USP for each Partner Program is the only argument you will need, to make a sale. It underlines the possibilities of each program and is your tool, for a successful conclusionto the sale. The USP compares a product by describing its characteristics. It emphasizes the reasons for the product being superior to all its competitors.  

    In this webinar Herbert Teissel offers an easy-to-understand explanation, which will help you to understand the USPs of the Cashback World Partner Programs. Seeing this webinar will ensure you are well equipped for any sales talk.  

    Local Deals from a new perspective 

    Have you checked out the Local Deals? These are not only the perfect opportunity for customers and Lyconet Marketers to shop, but also a great chance for Merchants to sell. It is a win-win-win-solution. Have you looked at these deals from a Merchant’s perspective? They represent a new sales opportunity for Merchants and are easy to oversee. Herbert Teissel has included this exciting topic in the webinar by creating a summary of its most important points. 

    Meet International Merchant Marketers 

    Would you like to meet some of the most successful Merchant Marketers or Merchants? Herbert Teissel has perfect connections in the world of Merchant Marketers & Loyalty Merchants. Check out the interviews he conducted with some of them: 

    Gerhard Flatz – Austria 

    Gerhard Flatz is the top Merchant Marketer in Austria. He works around the clock, to assist in the expansion of the Austrian Market. He is a fan of “warm contacts” and always focuses on the big picture where the Partner Programs are concerned. Would you like to hear more? Watch the full interview here.  

    Sara Yang – Canada 

    Sara Yang fulfills every role – she is not only a Loyalty Merchant but is also an active Lyconet Merchant Marketer. She has found a creative and imaginative way to implement new sales into her existing business model – by checking the menu of her restaurant and watching the interview, you can find out how. 

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