The Three Wise Apps

    Are the golden years of the app over?

    It is safe to say that apps no longer have the same attraction as they did only a few years ago. Our smartphones have become our one-stop shop for everything from photos over payments to time management. With this development, the storage space on our phones has become a precious commodity. Thus, we need to be sure that every single app that has the honor of residing on our cherished assistant deserves to be there, only those who truly improve our everyday lives are welcome. 

    The three wise apps of the present 

    With this in mind, we would like to present three apps, which will significantly improve your daily life and business, by allowing you to be in total control with nothing more than your smart phone.  

    The Lyconet App

    You can view this app as your very own personal assistant who doesn’t require a salary and never takes the day off. It offers you instant access to your most important KPIs and allows you to be up to speed on the activities and developments within your Organization. But since the space on your smart phone is so special, Lyconet has made sure it can do even more than that. You can also access and share presentations and videos and use the QR code to add Marketers and/or Merchants to your Organization anywhere and at any time. 

    Download the App now: iOS, Android 

    The myWorld App

    While the Lyconet App is your personal assistant at work, the myWorld App is your personal shopping assistant. And as this assistant also does not require a salary, it is a shopping assistant who does not only serve the rich and the famous.  Imagine you forgot that it is your best friends’ birthday today, and you only have 30 minutes to find the perfect gift. Well, the myWorld App will allow you to find a myWorld partner near you where you will most certainly find that special something. Once you have, you just need to open the app and give your phone a quick shake to make the OR-code or barcode you need will appear. There you go, all done with 10 minutes to spare, so why not have a coffee at a myWorld partner and check out the latest deals on the myWorld App before running off to your next appointment. You should also recommend this app to your customers as will help them to take full advantage of their myWorld membership.  

    Download the App now: iOS, Android

    The travelWorld App

    It is anchored deep within the human mind to wander and explore the World. When asking people what they would do, if neither money nor time were limited, 9 out of 10 people will answer with one word: travel. Sadly, for most people certain limits do apply, but while hiking the Himalayas may be out of reach, for now, the travelWorld App will find the right destination for you. But it doesn’t end there, you can also make all your bookings on this app while receiving the best possible deals and benefiting from their partnership with myWorld. Once you have made your bookings, you can access them and receive any updates or information regarding said bookings directly in the app. As your personal travel assistant, it will make sure every part of your journey is even more magical than you imagined. This app isn’t only ideal for you as a Marketer but also for your customers. 

    Download the App now: iOS, Android

    A little extra from us to you

    These three apps most certainly pass the casting for your precious smartphone. But just to make it even more exciting for you to download and log in to all three, we have a little surprise for completing this task. For more information on this surprise, which is only available for a limited time, please go to

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