The Lyconet Online Sensation April Editon – Part II

    myWorld is continuously growing and improving in every possible way. In the coming months there will be a lot of exciting developments which you and your team will benefit from. Many of these developments were presented at the most recent Lyconet Online Sensation by some of the special guests. Make sure you are up to date on all the upgrades so that you can make the most of these fantastic new advances.  

    As announced in our previous article we would like to take this opportunity to introduce some of our guest speakers and their contributions to you in more detail. The following speakers provided the audience with the latest news and all the innovative updates which continue to revolutionize the business.  

    Sandra Schwarz Director of Customer Relations – myWorld 360 AG

    Sandra left all the viewers abuzz with anticipation after announcing that they had prepared no less than 10 million products in 27 countries. These products will be introduced gradually over the coming days and weeks. So, it is even more important than ever before to make sure you are always keeping a close eye on But that isn’t the only exciting news she left the audience with. She also introduced a revolutionary upgrade to the myWorld app which improves communication, resulting in more customers and traffic which leads to additional benefits and Shopping Points. The new introductory video, which is available for download to any mobile device or Media Center, will make it so much easier to introduce new people to myWorld. A short but informative clip which summarizes all the benefits while providing visual impressions will certainly attract many new customers. A brand-new notification center allowing us to send instant notifications to all our customers ensures that they will never miss a great deal. To learn more about this and our other must-have apps, check out our recent post: The Three Wise Apps 

    Klaus Freidrich Director Marketing – myWorld 360 AG

    Klaus introduced us to the newly developed and tested visual creations such as our new flyers. He accentuated the importance of these designs in order to transport the global myWorld brand so that every partner will be recognised by everyone in every country. In addition to the new and improved appearance, the platforms have been repositioned to simplify your everyday business life and to ensure that you are as successful as possible. Providing you with the possibility to run your business profile solely on your smartphone, allowing you to upload and publish photos on and the myWorld app. Of course, we can also not forget to mention the Benefit Store at this point, with more than 20.000 deals available it is already a huge success. Now you can also gain fast access to the highlighted top deals and the deal of the week.

    Download the App now: iOS, Android

    Maryia Usik Managing Director – myWorld Belarus

    Maryia shares her thoughts on the huge potential of the myWorld business in Belarus. Offering the country opportunities and efficiency in business which she aims to bring to each and every region due to the benefits myWorld offers everyone. Uniting so many different directions myWorld offers benefits to Merchants as well as customers and even incorporates a strong focus on charitable organizations and projects. For these and many more reasons it is the perfect infrastructure to support the local business owners and shoppers in Belarus by offering connectivity and a great variety of products in one place. She is looking forward creating a one stop shop. To achieve this, she has ensured that a foundation has been created to make it as easy and comfortable as possible for all.  

    Radovan Vitosevic Regional Director – myWorld South Balkan  

    Radovan is the Managing Director for no less than 4 countries with the recent additions of Albania and Kosovo. He believes that these countries have unlimited potential largely because they didn’t have many opportunities in the past and the opening of this fruitful door will allow them to grow to new heights in record time. But the pride and joy of his region is Macedonia where they are currently celebrating their 10-year anniversary. He credits their unparalleled success to the strong team of Marketers and hardworking entrepreneurs who have united to create a strong foundation comprised of a large customer base and a vast number of SMEs offering a large variety of products. He strongly believes that the SMEs are the ultimate backbone of the business and that his strategy to build this sector has truly generated the success within this country. With more than 13% of the entire population being myWorld customers, they are leading the way. He has no intention of stopping here but is now focused on expanding internationally.  

    Would you like to see the full interviews with these inspirational speakers as well as many others who offer motivation, insight, and valuable coaching? Well, it isn’t too late to do just this. You can watch the on demand till the end of June.  

    This and so much more 

    Arguably the most exciting highlight of the event was the presentation of the new Hall of Fame. A fantastic addition that honors the Marketers who are true leaders and are not only the shining stars of the business but also provide great examples to follow and inspiration to all those who are starting out in the business. Stay tuned for more information on the Hall of Fame in the upcoming article What makes the Lyconet Business Model so Unique.

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