The Lyconet Online Sensation April Edition – Part I

    What an event, not only was it filled with unique insights into the business of the future, but it also offered inspirational and motivational stories by some of our Marketers, all of whom have achieved great feats and shared some valuable tips and insights on how to do the same.  

    For one night only! Live on stage! Please welcome tonight’s Success Stories!

    A highlight of the evening were our success stories. Here is a short introduction of three of the most successful Lyconet Marketers who along with many others, offered a wide range of valuable insights and advice.  

    Jean Paul Schoor believes that focus is at the centre of any success story. “It is vital to visualize your goals. You have to be where you want to be. This along with other principles, which he shared with us during the event, are the foundation upon which he built his successful Organization. But success alone isn’t enough for him, he believes that true happiness comes from giving back, and for this reason he is an avid supporter of the Child and Family Foundation.  

    Natalia Beloni was already a successful entrepreneur in Estonia prior to her discovery of Lyconet. Nonetheless she said, she remembers the day, even the hour she encountered Lyconet and this moment changed her life completely. Natalia believes that next to the opportunity to take your business global, the most significant benefit Lyconet offers is the equality of men and women. Her story has inspired so may to break free and join the business of the future.  

    Duarte Saldanha sees time management and determination as the key elements of success, though it is, in his own words, not that simple to analyse why some people achieve success and others do not. Yet one fact is clear to him, if you are determined and hungry to achieve a specific goal, you will always find a way. However, should you lack that focus then you will only find excuses and justifications not to. Duarte used some interesting analogies during his interview which helped many to better understand his point of view.

    The Lyconet Online Sensation on-demand

    Whether you missed the live event or simply want to re-watch it in order to solidify the growth and inspiration it imparts, the on-demand version of the event will be available until the end of the Production Month of June 2021. The success stories can help you to advance in every part of your life. The advice offered by our speakers and the entire Lyconet team doesn’t only further the development of your business, but also supports personal growth. For only when you achieve personal growth, can you filter the wisdom and understanding into your business and career and achieve true greatness! Don’t miss our next article, where we will introduce further speakers including the legendary Eric Worre, corporate experts and our phenomenal Lyconet Hall of Fame.

    The Lyconet Star Cruise – the trip of a lifetime! 

    Have you ever had the opportunity to experience the Mediterranean Sea in all its glory aboard a ship? Well, you may just be one of the lucky Marketers to do just that. To participate in the competition, you simply need to complete three tasks over the upcoming 3 Production Months. The most astounding part of this challenge is that anyone, no matter their Career Level, can participate. Just imagine, you are standing aboard a majestic ship, while it moves with an unparalleled elegance through the deep blue water which so closely resembles molten glass. Brilliant sunshine allowing you to see for miles while you sail past the islands, unique to this part of the world. No other location can compare to the Greek island region, where iconic white windmills, cobbles lanes and long beaches greet you as you dock at each port and enjoy the rich local cuisine with a glass of ruby red wine. If this sounds like the trip of a lifetime to you, be sure to complete the first of the 3 challenges by the 4th of May to have a chance of being onboard the Lyconet Star Cruise in September 2021. If you are interested in finding out more about the first challenge, visit and log in to your account.

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