The Benefit Voucher & The Benefit Store – an unbeatable duo!

    Every Lyconet Marketer knows that in order to become successful you not only need to make the most out of your personal strengths, you also need to know how to make the most out of the provided tools. The Benefit Voucher is THE tool when it comes to a successful career as a Lyconet Marketer.

    “The Benefit Voucher is at the core of the Lyconet business. It is versatile in its use and can therefore be adapted to every Lyconet Marketer’s individual needs. With the Benefit Voucher we have provided our Marketers with the perfect tool to push their business to the next level”, explains Mario Kapun CEO Lyconet International AG.

    Do you want to achieve something incredible in just a short space of time? Thanks to the Benefit Voucher, the door to success is wide open. Do you want to promote sales within your shopping network? Enthuse your team with the shopping benefits, that the Benefit Voucher has to offer!

    Unforgettable shopping experiences

    Every registration as a Lyconet Marketer at is completely free of charge. If you want to have an extraordinary start in the field of network marketing, you are well advised to also purchase a Benefit Voucher. The Benefit Voucher grants Marketers an unforgettable shopping experience in the Benefit Store – much in align with the motto “ONE STORE – UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES”. But let’s start at the beginning. Using a Benefit Voucher for shopping at the Benefit Store will bring Marketers valuable points for their career. What else could they wish for?

    Shop to your heart’s content in the Benefit Store

    Lyconet Marketer can redeem the Benefit Voucher when shopping at the Benefit Store and will receive attractive shopping benefits. But that’s not all! No matter what product you are looking for – the Benefit Store will deliver. From leisure articles to electronic devices and household items – the offered products cater to every taste and preference! The practical IT services, entitled +Products, are also available in the Benefit Store and help Marketers expand their shopping network as efficiently as possible.

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