Teresa Berger – an inspiration to all women within our business

    Happy international women´s day!!

    Celebrating women´s achievements and increasing visibility is vital for a bright and equal future. The desire to create inclusive workplace cultures in which women’s careers thrive and their achievements are celebrated is steadily growing. Progressive companies are opening doors previously closed to women and thus allowing them to move into leadership roles. Lyconet does just that. The Lyconet business knows no barriers in terms of gender, location or any other factor. The opportunity to strive for something bigger and better is open to everyone.

    Teresa Berger is our youngest female President. At only 24 years of age, her achievement of reaching Career Level 8 is even more astounding. It is thanks to her leadership, hard work, and determination that she has obtained the success and lifestyle she enjoys today.

    How it started

    From a young age, Teresa was raised to appreciate the value of hard work which she substantiated when taking on a number of part time jobs. Once she graduated from high school, she decided to become a fitness trainer. She soon realised what she had signed up for by choosing this path. The life of a trainer is filled with hard work and long hours for a very low income. It was at this time that she decided to find another way, a way which would offer her the remunerations she deserved for her hard work and dedication.

    She discovered Lyconet in February 2017. A mere 6 months later, she recognized the potential she had and what she could achieve if she were fully dedicated. That very moment, her successful journey with Lyconet began. She quit her job and focused all her efforts on the Lyconet business. With her excellent work ethic, she was able to reach Career Level 6 after only one year and just a few months later, Career Level 8.

    What it takes

    Teresa is an inspiration for everyone, but especially for young women. She is a wonderful role model for the younger generation, though she is also a great example for adults. Her work ethic and determination to reach her goals are second to none. She doesn’t believe that there is a secret to success. She is very humble and considers herself an ordinary woman with big dreams. Her message to everyone out there is:

    “If I can do it, you can too.“

    Reaching Career Level 8 at the age of 24 demonstrates that she is a professional leader. Teresa does not believe in secrets, only in hard work and determination. However, leadership is the one aspect she considers to be the most important. Her three pillars of her leadership style are to believe in herself, to work hard every single day and to never treat the Lyconet business as though it were a hobby.

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