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    When approaching small and medium-sized enterprises, it is very important to understand and empathise with the daily challenges these business owners are confronted with. One of the greatest challenges is a lack of time and no matter which time zone you live in, the day still only consists of 24 hours. It is vital that we show these small and medium-sized entrepreneurs that we wish to improve their lives from the very first moment. This includes making our presentation as streamlined and compact as possible without omitting any important information. 

    Let us do the talking 

    While we are confident that you as a Merchant Marketer, do a fantastic job when presenting our revolutionary business model, there are many situations in which it may be difficult to find the right time and place to do so. In order to assist you with these very situations, CRO Lyconet International Herbert Teissel created a new episode of the Merchant Marketer Talk. It encompasses all the important information required to instantly understand the business model of the future and recognize how it will revolutionize and simplify the life of each and every merchant. But this episode also serves as a fantastic refresher for all Merchant Marketers. Learn from the master by comparing your presentation to this excellent example. Perhaps there is something you can add to your next appointment which will make your prospective Merchants even more excited about joining our team. 

    Structure and data combined with enthusiasm and passion

    Here are a few highlights showing how this presentation episode fulfills all the criteria required to form the perfect proposal. 

    Establish competence and trust 

    With a brief personal introduction, Herbert instantly demonstrates his expertise on the subject and how these can assist the viewer. 

    The formula for success 

    Every business, no matter how big or small it may be, faces so-called pain points. These pain points are usually elements of their daily businesses which are either too time or financially consuming to be solved. By summarizing the challenges each merchant faces on a daily basis, time effective and financially viable way the viewers feel an instant sense of relief at having discovered a solution to some if not all of their pain points. With the combination of a detailed explanation and clear graphic images, this presentation provides a clear picture of how valuable this information can be for them and the future of their business. 

    If we consider all the challenges each merchant faces on a daily basis, after having discovered a solution to some, if not all of their pain points, brings an instant sense of relief. 

    Focusing on your strengths 

    Herbert reminds the viewers how much they have to offer their clients. When faced with everyday challenges it is easy to forget all the good. The things which are unique to each business. These are the strengths that need to be nurtured and not forgotten or lost. He clearly demonstrates how this business model supports and promotes this individuality while offering the benefits often only available to larger and less personal businesses. 

    Whether you choose to use this episode of the Merchant Marketer Talk to reach even more potential Merchants in an even more effective manner or you simply wish to learn how to make your presentation even more efficient make sure to watch this Merchant Marketer Talk by the one and only Herbert Teissel.

    myWorld Partner Special – what are you still waiting for 

    Make the most out of the myWorld Partner special. There are many benefits of becoming a Merchant Marketer and all you have to do is attend the Merchant Marketer online seminar. Sounds interesting? You can find additional information on webinarWorld. Furthermore, you can be one of the Merchant Marketers we are fortunate enough to introduce. Take a moment to hear more about four of our highly successful and inspiring Merchant Marketers. 

    Piotr Szczepaniak, Lyconet Ambassador (Career Level 5 from Poland), is not only a very successful Merchant Marketer but also an entrepreneur. Coming from a teaching background, he joined Lyconet to improve his life and the life of his family. He believes in leading by example and learning from difficulties but never losing the ultimate goal and the opportunities out of sight. A very focused, passionate, and ambitious man whose energy is inspirational. Watch the interview here and allow yourself to be motivated by this unique and highly successful man from Poland. 

    Duarte Saldanha, Lyconet President (Career Level 8 from Portugal), is a very interesting and multi-faceted man whose international education in economics may not have led him to the life he originally envisioned for himself. However, it certainly contributed to the deep understanding of the challenges entrepreneurs are faced with. With the close relations between his home country of Portugal and the strong emerging economy of Brazil on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, he has now taken this opportunity to expand into this market. To learn from a true natural-born leader, watch the full interview here

    Bernd Bernsteiner, Lyconet VicePresident (Career Level 7 from Austria), was fortunate enough to follow his passion and become a professional football player, however, with an eye on life after professional sport he also completed his qualification as a sport and geography teacher. He joined Lyconet in its early days and is very grateful to have had the opportunity to grow with the company. A man who can recognize and contribute to the potential whose knowledge and wisdom are clearly demonstrated in the interview which you can view here

    Tobias Melle, Lyconet Ambassador (Career Level 4 from Germany), is a merchant and Merchant Marketer where his business is entering its 21st year of operation. He had been unsuccessful in his desire to offer his customers a loyalty program when he was approached by a Merchant Marketer which led to a match made in heaven. With his finger firmly placed on the pulse of time and his social consciousness, he is a shining example within the Lyconet family. Watch the full interview here and let his dedication inspire you. 

    Opportunities don’t happen. You create them. — Chris Grosser

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