Sustainability and success: the impact CSR has on your career

    As an ambitious Lyconet Marketer, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is surely no longer a foreign word to you. More and more companies are deciding to take responsibility for environment and society. CSR has also been an integral part of the myWorld consortium corporate philosophy for years. But what does it actually mean and what benefits does it provide?

    CSR at a glance
    CSR means that companies voluntarily get involved in social and sustainable activities and go above and beyond the legal requirements. The focus lies on environmental sustainability, a certain responsibility towards society and raising awareness among all employees. A credible CSR strategy plays an important role for the company’s image and ensures better brand visibility. In addition, a good CSR strategy strengthens cooperations, attracts new customers and improves customer loyalty at the same time. But that’s not everything: CSR has proven to be highly beneficial in regard to the recruitment of new employees and the motivation of existing ones. As a Lyconet Marketer, you can also benefit by getting involved. Not only does it feel amazing to do something good, it also boosts your likeability and increases your career opportunities.

    myWorld as pioneer
    myWorld proved to be a trailblazer in this segment. Hubert Freidl, founder of the consortium, started thinking early on about how he can help those in need and how he can fulfill his social responsibility – that is why he is justly recognized as a philanthropist. “Society’s longest lasting influence is its children and they will need a healthy planet for the future. That is why I founded two foundations that I actively support,” explains Freidl. This decision was groundbreaking: Since the establishment of the Child and Family Foundation and the Greenfinity Foundation, the charitable associations have already brought to life countless educational and environmental projects around the globe thanks to the generous support of the Lyconet Community. In addition, they currently oversee eleven collaborative projects on four continents. A great example of successful cooperation is the Dhara Children Academy in India, which opened last year after an extensive renovation.

    Do you want to discover more about the work of the two foundations and make CSR your career’s recipe for success? Then check out CFF article and GFF article.

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