Summer is coming – book your summer holiday with travelWorld!

    Hans Christian Andersen once said, “To Travel is to Live”. After mastering the stay at home challenge brilliantly, it is time to become reacquainted with our planet. However, now that summer is approaching the excitement and anticipation to set out into the big wide world once again and discover new captivating places is greater than ever. 

    Safety first – travel smart with travelWorld! 

    Numerous countries are eager to reopen their borders and welcome tourists back, however, many restrictions on travel remain in place. For this very reason, many are choosing to travel within the borders of their home country and enjoy the beauty often overlooked by locals. Whether you are looking for an exotic destination, a foreign adventure, or a relaxing break close to home you will find the perfect fit at Let yourself be inspired by their incomparable global offers for travel and accommodation. travelWorld is an innovative travel booking platform which provides its customers with a five-star experience from the moment they start planning their vacation all the way to the time they arrive back home and admire the photos from their adventure. Rainer Schuster, travelWorld’s CEO, is looking forward to summer and has high expectations for a flourishing season due to the positive predictions made by the media, so stay tuned! The best is yet to come!!

    For ease of planning, we recommend that you view this time as an opportunity to discover all the treasures your home country has to offer. travelWorld can assist you in doing just that, after all, there is no place like home! 

    Why travelWorld? – because your journey is our journey  

    With more than 1,5 million accommodations, travelWorld is an absolute prodigy in its field, offering its customers a luxurious choice of cost-effective travel deals from the comfort of their own home. What’s more, booking has never been so easy and fun – 3 simple steps et voilà – your booking confirmation has arrived. Since travelWorld is a part of the myWorld Benefit Program, you are directly connected to the cashback system and therefore eliminate the need for additional logins during the booking process. The platform guarantees lower prices as well as no booking or credit fees. The free cancellation feature guarantees flexibility and reliability – qualities that are greatly appreciated in times of uncertainty.  

    Does that sound tempting? You haven’t heard everything yet!

    Did you know that as a Lyconet Marketer you can boost your Career while booking your vacation through the Benefit Store? This way you will receive more Shopping Points + – Same Product. Same Price. More SP+.

    And the good news is that your customers can now generate double the amount of Shopping Points, while booking their next trip with travelWorld! So, hurry up and share this incredible deal with your Organization to increase its Shopping Volume and level up!

    “Not all who wander are lost” – J.R.R. Tolkien 

    especially those with travelWorld App!

    travelWorld’s goal is to accompany you through the full cycle of your trip, including flights, airport transfers, hotels, restaurants, and everything you need to make your experience unforgettable. The travelWorld App was created to be your personal adviser, tour guide and navigator. With its elegant and fresh design, the App has only received positive feedback from users. The App makes your booking process easier and faster. The good news for all Lyconet Marketers is that it’s also a great way to generate even more Cashback and Shopping Points – all that for free!  

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