Natalia Beloni – the woman who thinks big

    Natalia is a confidant, sophisticated and strong woman. Her determination is an inspiration to everyone, but most of all to women faced with so many challenges in the world of business.  

    Natalia was a very successful entrepreneur in Estonia prior to discovering Lyconet. Estonia is a beautiful and historic country with its capitol Tallin being a city which should not be missed by any travel enthusiast. It is however, a very small country and Natalia never thinks small. She had always dreamt of being a global player. For this reason, she was continuously on the lookout for new and innovative opportunities which would help her to achieve her childhood dream of being everywhere. When she discovered Lyconet, she knew this was going to be the opportunity which would make this dream a reality. Without hesitation she joined, a moment she will always remember as the day her life changed forever.  

    Challenges are an inherent part of the process when starting out in any business. It is undeniable that women are at a disadvantage in almost every industry. As a female entrepreneur, Natalia is very aware of all the additional challenges women face on a daily basis, a topic which is very close to her heart. Another reason why she was so blown away by the Lyconet business model, where the opportunities and challenges are the same for every single person no matter their gender. 

    “Girls, don’t create any boundaries in your head.” 

    An inspiration to all women out there, who are fighting to make it in a world still dominated by men. She views these additional challenges as motivation rather than obstacles. Always remembering, why she started out on this path and proving to herself that she can achieve anything no matter what the people around her believe. Perhaps this very way of viewing adversity is how she became the well-spoken and inspiring woman whose interview at the April edition of the Lyconet Online Sensation was both encouraging and insightful.  

    “Ladies, please believe in yourselves, because diamonds are always made under the big pressure.”

    The first and most important step is to always believe in yourself and trust that you can do anything you set your mind to. Like a bird which doesn’t rely on the strength of the branch it is perched upon but in its ability to fly should the branch break.  

    The launch of the expansion into the Russian market is the day Natalia has been dreaming about ever since she joined Lyconet. She sees this development as inspiring and exciting, a development with boundless potential for growth resulting in numerous success stories and positively impacted lives. Excitement alone does not make the magic happen, so Natalia has been preparing for this opportunity for a long time and encourages everyone else to do the same.   

    “Time is for free, but it is priceless and once you lose it you can never get it back. So do not wait, start preparing.” 

    We all know that we are stronger together, and this is another point which Natalia never forgets. She is very proud of her team and grateful to the visionaries who work tirelessly to make it all possible. With her electrifying personality, she is like a guiding light illuminating the path to success.  

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