Duarte Saldanha – the man with no excuses

    Duarte Saldanha is a Lyconet President (Career Level 8 from Portugal) with a very interesting and international background. He spent a part of his childhood in Kenya before completing his A-levels at a famous private school in the UK. He continued his education at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, where he graduated with a BSc in Economics. At first his life took him along the path it takes so many people. After his graduation he found a job and started to climb the corporate ladder. After a few years it became clear to him that this life wasn’t the right fit for him. In 2008 he decided that working for a Boss was no longer a career path he wanted to pursue. Since 2012 he has been fully committed to Lyconet. 

    Family is very important to Duarte and with 5 children living under his roof, he certainly has his hands full. Anyone who has a large family know how challenging time management can be. However, he has a unique way of viewing this aspect of life and business. He manages his time with an impressive level of discipline and recognises the potential for exponential growth when an entire team of people do the same.  

    “When most people hear about Lyconet, one of their biggest issues is that they do not have the time.” 

    For Duarte this is not a valid reason, however. He explains that everyone, no matter their location, background or personal circumstances has 24 hours in their day. If you manage these 24 hours with precision and discipline you are able to set aside at least 2 hours a day to focus on a business that can not only change your life but offer you a lifestyle that most people can only dream about. It is all about the desire and the hunger to succeed.  

    “What do you do in your free time, play around or build your dream?” 

    Having lived on the beautiful and vast continent of Africa, Duarte likes to use analogies referencing the wonderful and unique African wildlife. The Lion, also known as the king of the bush, is a perfect example of what can be achieved when the hunger and the determination to be at the top of the food chain is great enough. Though the Lion is neither the largest, the fastest of the most intelligent mammal in the African bush, but his domination has still earned him the title.  

    “If you have the hunger, you will find the results if you do not you will find excuses.” 

    Duarte has certainly shown that he is hungry to dominate the business, however, he also believes in helping those less fortunate. He is an avid supporter of Greenfinity. The Greenfinity project focuses on environmental protection, preserving our home planet by investing in projects such as green energy and clean water distribution. Duarte was very closely involved in a recent project in Brazil, where the Greenfinity Foundation built a well to provide fresh water for the people living in the surrounding area as well as the wildlife and the agriculture. Duarte is very engaged when it comes to protecting our planet, after all it is important that our children have a safe and beautiful place to live in the future.  

    To hear more about Duarte’s exciting career as a Lyconet President watch the Online Sensation April Edition on demand until the end of June. 

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