Strengthen your immune system in the cold season

    We all know the struggle in the winter months where it is nearly impossible to avoid a cold or the flu. It is not only annoying to be sick but also stops our productivity. Some days off track might also impact the business. 

    What happens in our bodies? 

    The entrance of viruses into our organism does not necessarily mean that the illness will break out. It is up to our immune cells to fight off the viruses before they can cause any damage. To prevent colds from coming into existence, we should focus on strengthening the immune system

    What can we do? 

    We can’t completely immunize ourselves against infections and that other factors, such as nutrition and lifestyle, also contribute significantly towards good health and well-being. 

    As communicated publicly there are a few measures we can take to expose ourselves less: 

    • Washing and disinfect hands on a regular basis 
    • Avoiding public transport and going by bike or foot 
    • Keep mucous membranes (eyes, mouth, and nose) moist– when dry, they are more vulnerable 
    • Listen to your body’s needs – sleep, relax and avoid stress 

    Of course, we can support our bodies in the regeneration and self-protection process. A healthy diet that contains all essential micronutrients plays an important role. Special focus should be placed on the addition of fresh fruit and vegetables. Try to consume at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day! The vitamin C contained therein is particularly important to the immune system’s functioning. 

    Give your immune system an extra boost 

    If a sufficient supply is not possible through diet alone, or if you wish to grant your organism additional support, check out the Organic+ Products. High-quality supplements, such as the Organic+ All in One can prove very helpful. One shot a day keeps the pathogens away. 

    The Organic+ All in One smells like grape juice and has a recognizably grape-like taste, but it has way more to offer. It combines 13 vitamins and 10 minerals that help you to strengthen your immune system, improve your well-being, and contribute to a good mood. What’s even better – it’s suitable for the whole family! 

    Do you want to get the All in One drink? Get it now in the Benefit Store.  

    You are from France, Belgium, Spain, Ireland, Lithuania, or Latvia? We have amazing news for you! The Organic+ products are now also available in your country. 

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