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    No doubt you’ve heard many awful Corona reports from Brazil in the recent weeks and months. From time to time this year it seemed as if the health catastrophe caused by the corona virus was getting worse every week. Overcrowded hospitals, doctors and nurses pushed to their limits, a sense of desperation filled air along with the fear of dying not just from the corona virus, but also from other diseases which have run riot in the absence of urgent medical support. Can you imagine travelling from village to village in the middle of all this, to places where there’s no access to clean water and many of the locals suffer from infectious water-borne diseases? It takes courageous people to do this. Luiz Sikorra, Greenfinity Foundation’s well builder and his team, are just these sort of people.

    Working to save lives

    Despite the risk to their own health, Luiz and his team have been working almost non-stop for the last few months, trying to provide as many of Bahia’s poorest as possible with clean water. As material costs rose and additional expenses for the necessary safety measures such as mouth masks, disinfectant and soap were mounted, dedicated Lyconet Marketers were quick to notice that their donations have the power to save lives and came to our aid. They have become Greenfinity Foundation’s closest alleys in the fight against COVID-19 and its spread

    Lost to the flames

    Thanks to their support, much has been achieved under these dire circumstances. Greenfinity Foundation has been able to provide more people with access to fresh water than seemed possible at the beginning of this crisis. In 2021 alone, Luiz and his team were able to build 19 wells and provide at least 144 people with clean water so far. Considering the difficult and dangerous conditions on-site, one could say that everything was going really well. But a few days ago, tragedy struck in a different form: one of the two vehicles used to transport the crew and materials to the construction sites suddenly caught fire and was burnt to a crisp. Fortunately, no one was injured, but all the supplies, construction plans, disinfectant and soap for the people in the villages and also lots of Luiz’s personal belongings were lost to the flames.

    Helping the heroes of Bahia

    Greenfinity Foundation’s well-building project is a project close to the heart of many fellow Lyconet Marketers. There are wells all over Bahia bearing the names of teams and individuals, proving their long-standing support. What do you say, shall we reach another milestone with this marvelous, life-saving project? Let’s help Luiz and his team help the people of Bahia by financing the replacement of the lost vehicle and building some wells on top of that! Are you in? Then click here to either donate a well or make a custom donation to support the replacement of the vehicle!

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