Sense the Change with ONESENSE

    In everyone’s life comes a certain time when a change is either wanted, needed, or both. Through changes, each of us learns and grows in both professional and private matters. The re-occurring, but necessary change for all of us – especially for you as a Marketer – is the change of the mindset. 

    Time to think like an entrepreneur

    Do you believe that the way you visualize success has an impact on your career or personal development? According to a study conducted by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, mindset is one of the most crucial factors in defining success. By definition, the mindset is a person’s way of thinking, but Dweck claims that are two types of mindsets – fixed and growth.       

    The fixed mindset is based on the belief that our abilities are inborn and there is nothing we can do to change that, whereas the growth mindset relies on the understanding that with enough practice and effort we can develop our talents, improve our abilities, and simply achieve anything we want to. Basically, to learn to think like an entrepreneur, you have to adopt a growth mindset.

    Lyconet offers the perfect tools for everyone to become successful as an entrepreneur. In partnership with myWorld, the EliteClub, travelWorld, and ONESENSE, Lyconet has anything you as a Marketer can possibly need for your positive career changes in store. The second you openly welcome this entrepreneurial mindset for your career you should also apply this approach to all other aspects of your life. As positive changes come from within first, we recommend you to strengthen your body and mind with the All in One Drink from ONESENSE. This is the perfect fuel to your entrepreneurial fire. Why not boost your mind, body, and career at the same time?

    One for all

    With a total of 13 vitamins and 10 minerals, the All in One Drink provides a convenient, basic supply of all micronutrients. The composition guarantees that the ingredients complement each other perfectly and are thus absorbed particularly well by the body.

    The healthy vitamin shot from ONESENSE offers an ideal coverage of your daily requirement of all the important vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. This tasty drink is full of healthy ingredients and naturally contains no added sugar, no preservatives, and no alcohol.

    With just one sip a day, the All in One Drink covers the supply of the most important vitamins that the body needs. Feel more vital and energetic in everyday life. Strengthen your defenses and secure a healthy future!

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