Presidents Council 2021 – Welcome to sunny Cannes!

    What an amazing event! Lyconet Presidents Council 2021 was an absolute smash! The long-awaited rendezvous took place in the French Riviera known as Côte d’Azur where all Lyconet Presidents had the incredible opportunity to exchange valuable ideas and insights with each other, but also to spent time together since that was the first on site event after quite some time. The city of Cannes, in all its glory, welcomed the Presidents Council members and became their home for two days.   

    Let’s take a look at some of the Highlights!

    The start of the event was marked by delicious local lunch on the vast terrace of the Pullman Cannes Mandelieu Royal Casino. Shortly after that, the eagerly expected conference started with Lyconet’s latest highlights, namely the Hall of Fame and the Media Center. In case you want to read more about the Hall of Fame, don’t miss out on our latest article Lyconet Online Sensation April Edition – Highlights Part III.

    Among the many exciting news discussed at the conference, in the spirit of Cannes’ good weather travelWorld shared the big announcement regarding the summer holidays. The platform offers not only more than 1.5 million accommodations worldwide but now also provides the option to book a flight! The Presidents Council business trip was well-tailored and a huge part of its organization, regarding hotel and transportation, is owed to the travelWorld’s brilliant team and effort. 

    Furthermore, myWorld announced undoubtedly the star of the conference – the pre-launch of the revolutionary @media box that is expected to be released in Autumn 2022. 

    Let’s revolutionize the future of advertisement! 

    It’s a fact that technology is constantly developing and our lives are significantly affected by it – for example, we use the media or watch TV more than four hours per day! But what if you and your customers can get rewarded for every advertisement that you see while enjoying your favorite TV Series or playing a game you like? The brilliant concept of @media box can make it absolutely possible for all Marketers to receive SP and Cashback while watching TV or streaming a movie. All you have to do is to connect your TV and your devices, such as a gaming console, to the @media box and select your streaming providers. Thanks to the myWorld partnership you will get Cashback and Shopping Points for every ad you see. If you are interested in the ad shown, simply switch to the split-screen mode and you will get even more Cashback and Shopping Points. If you log in with your myWorld profile you can also buy the product with just one more click or a voice command. All the ads are completely customizable, which means that you can decide which product advertisements you want to see and how often you want to watch them. It is a simple and clever way to increase the shopping volume with minimum effort.   

    Additionally, with the @media box, you as a merchant can use the power of TV to promote your business to a selected target group – locally, country-wide or globally. It doesn’t matter if you are an international brand or a local merchant, the ad will be visible at the right time and to the right audience. And you will only pay when the ad is seen. Small budget – big impact.  

    Everything feels better in Cannes!

    The second day in sunny Cannes spent at the private Miramar Plage, where all Lyconet Presidents could relax together and discussed vividly all news and developments, such as the star of the show – the @media box. At the opened bar they could try the fine selection of snacks throughout the day and enjoy the honey gold sunset that announced the end of the inspiring journey.  

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