Power Month October – habits, motivation, and success

    After the tremendous success of September, mostly remembered for the phenomenal Elite Seminar 2022 in Kraków, it is time to make October memorable as well, and we do not mean pumpkins, golden leaves, and cozy blankets! It is time to step out of your comfort zone and start building on your future.  

    Now is the perfect time to start working on your habits and motivation, which will of course significantly affect your success. Why now? Because now all Marketers like you get an incredible opportunity to elevate their business. For example, only in the Power Month of October, the SP Packs provide you with even more benefits. Check out the latest Lyconet Outlook and get the most important updates here.  

    With the right tools, infrastructure, top-coaching, and amazing specials, the only missing part of the puzzle is you, namely your willpower! 


    Our habits are an inseparable part of us and our routine. They define and reflect how we think and function as individuals. The good part is that habits can be consciously changed. In case you wish to eliminate bad habits and focus on what is good for you and your career, now is a perfect time. The sooner you improve your habits, the better it is for your routine. As you might know, having a fixed routine and good habits is one of the keys to a successful career and a happy life. If you want to read more on that, have a look at our previous article Schedule your success – the importance of a routine.  

    You are in power to decide when, how, and what to change in order to grow personally and professionally. Everything you need is to direct your willpower in the right direction and actively keep seeking growth. What possibly can a Lyconet Marketer like you do to improve? Well, as a starter you should implement checking out and actively reading all Lyconet content as a habit and part of your routine. In this way, you will be always up to date with our latest specials, events, and benefits. This includes going through: 

    • PowerPoints in the Media Center 
    • Videos in the Media Center 
    • Special pages at  
    • banners  
    • Lyconet social media channels  
    • Telegram chats  
    • Lyconet Magazine 
    • Newsletters 

    If you are not well informed, this can decrease your chances of mastering your career. But if you turn that into a habit, you will have the needed knowledge, and as Sir Francis Bacon once said, “knowledge is power“. It might turn out – a habit too.  

    What is next

    As mentioned above, the Power Month of October is giving you even more chances to boost your career, but it is also a reminder that your willpower is what will skyrocket you to success! Take all the advantages it offers you professionally and personally and stay tuned for the Production Month of November!  

    What is next – the beloved Leader Seminar in Greece! All hardworking Marketers who have managed to achieve Career Level 4 in the Production Months of August, September, and October will receive an invitation to the event. So, that means that you still have time to participate in and attend the Leader Seminar! Good luck and give it your all to get your invitation! 

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