Peer Coaching for Marketers

    Peer-to-peer coaching or also simply known as peer coaching is an emerging trend standing side by side with the coaching/mentoring trend. The whole education system and workshops were always based on the idea that a well-informed person, with a substantial amount of experience, is passing on his knowledge to the people that thrive to learn and acquire a new set of skills. It is proven that it works perfectly fine and it has exceptional results among many. Nevertheless, some people feel more comfortable being taught within a group, whereas some prefer a one-on-one type of learning process. All teaching methods have changed throughout the years, but lately, there is more and more discussion about the peer coaching method, and it is very often compared to the mentor one. 

    What is peer coaching? 

    Let’s see why peer coaching is so hyped up lately and what are its benefits. The meaning of the term is hidden in the name. Basically, peers – people in the same field, exchange, refine and enrich their knowledge in relatively small groups.  

    One of the many perks of this method is the self-reflection and self-evaluation one can get. Receiving feedback from more peers can significantly improve the quality of the performance, by simply giving an all-around view and covering diverse points. All peers have only the best interest at heart and tend to be honest. A further benefit is the team spirit that the whole experience creates by simply leading to more personal and trustworthy professional relationship. Finding a safe space and understanding can boost engagement and encourage people to learn new skills without feeling any pressure. It put emphasis on asking questions for personal development. Additionally, it improves the soft skills within the group and promotes the development of leadership skills. In that way, people will start taking action and peruse growth. 

    Peer Coaching with Lyconet 

    Lyconet gives its Marketers absolute flexibility. Not only Marketers can work from wherever they want, but also, they can decide on how much time and what is the right strategy for them and their teams. As some people might prefer mentoring, others peer-to-peer coaching, or even both. As Lyconet Marketers can boost their Careers by expanding their teams it is important to be informed about the best strategies that might prompt strengthening the team growth. Sharing personal & professional experiences with each other is one of the best ways to develop even further.  

    To support its Marketers Lyconet offers a fantastic set of tools and various channels. At for example, each Marketer can collect the most useful and relevant information regarding his/her Career development or even the Careers of their teams. Also, all the details about the hottest deals Lyconet and its partners have in store can be found under the new category Special. So spreading all the news is undoubtedly the fastest and easiest way to have the team on board. 

    Marketers can benefit from all the mediums that Lyconet offers to back them up. In order to support our vision of making people successful Lyconet provides access to a huge variety of Presentation Materials, Videos, and everything needed for the Lyconet Marketers. All that can be found at the Media Center. It is your personal library that helps you share and pass on all your knowledge to your teammates. Some of the materials can be even accessed in several different languages.  If you want to learn more about the Media Center have a look at our previous article We provide the perfect infrastructure and tools for our Marketers or simply browse through! 

    By exploring what peer coaching has to offer you and your team you will be able to exchange all the gained knowledge about the world of Lyconet and improve your communication skills. The core success of each Marketer is hidden in the success of his/her team. 

    “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” 

    Andrew Carnegie 

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