Orange is the new black – entrepreneurship with Lyconet

    Think orange 

    In the meaning of the colors, orange is vibrant, energetic, and eye-catching. Calm and yet lively, it radiates and oozes with delight from its shades to its inviting comfort. Each culture interprets the color orange differently or associates it with something different, but it is a fact that each Lyconet Marketer associates this color as the highlight of Lyconet, of course! 

    To make people successful is Lyconet’s vision, and Lyconet does everything possible to support you on your journey to success. From the perfect business tools, top coaching, constant updates and improvements to international global marketing opportunities – Lyconet is tirelessly working on providing you only with the best of the best. Therefore Lyconet is the perfect fit for all entrepreneurs worldwide!

    Lyconet gives everyone the same chances for a successful career, regardless of their gender, education, location, ethnicity, or religion. You can decide how much time you want to put into your business, and on which days and from where you want to work. All you need is your computer or your smartphone, a strong internet connection, and a solid dose of motivation. Nowadays, we are more connected than ever before. As an entrepreneur or Marketer, your career development strongly depends on connections and relationships, and it would be wise for you to dedicate more time and resources to your social media channels. Through your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn account, you can reach out to as many people as you wish at any time and from anywhere by only using your phone. Additionally, Lyconet has developed the perfect personal assistant for you in the form of an app that allows you to access and share all the important materials and to use the QR code to add Marketers to your Organization. 

    Download the Lyconet App now in case you have not done it yet: iOS, Android 

    Enjoy the ultimate team flexibility 

    Building your team as well as the growth of your Organization is entirely up to you. Applying the right strategies is not only decisive for your career but also allows you to create the perfect workflow since you choose who you want to work with. How exactly? Shopping is at the heart of each Lyconet Marketer’s business, due to its partnership with myWorld. You as a Lyconet Marketer can establish your own lucrative shopping organizations by bringing new customers to the myWorld shopping community. This means that both the shopping community as a whole and your own shopping organization will continuously grow. The bigger the shopping organization, the more purchases will be generated, and the higher the Career Level will be. And the higher the Career Level – the bigger the benefits! Also, you can help others to establish their own team and shopping organization and to become Lyconet Marketers themselves. 

    And all about the stage 

    And last but not least, Lyconet is always surprising its Marketers with the most spectacular events! By taking part in these events, you have the chance to listen to some of the world’s most renowned speakers who can provide you with the best first-hand knowledge and recipes for success. The Lyconet events – live, online, or on-demand – are unique opportunities for existing Lyconet Marketers as well as for prospective Marketers to grow and reach their full potential. Business, coaching, and motivation – that is what the Lyconet events are all about!

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