myWorld Partner Special

    No matter where you turn, you will encounter yet another new loyalty program. These programs promise benefits for their customers, but only contribute to an ever-growing wallet of plastic cards and an Email inbox which can no longer be controlled. The promised benefits offer minor advantages in return for collecting an almost impossible number of points.

    So, what makes the myWorld Partner Programs different?

    There are countless factors which separate the myWorld Partner Programs from all the others and allow them to stand out as the undefeated champions. But for now, let us focus on some key elements.  

    As a well-established and most importantly global program, our partners have access to our international customer base, comprised of millions of satisfied consumers. Customers, who have the opportunity to benefit from shopping at any of the countless small and medium businesses as well as big players which have already recognized the potential of this unique program. When customers can benefit by receiving Cashback and collecting Shopping Points from a single program no matter whether they are purchasing that special new outfit online, fuelling their car, dining out or even booking their next vacation within the myWorld Benefit Program, why would they shop anywhere else? Another unequaled asset is the myWorld Benefit Lounge, where customers can save on every single deal when using the Shopping Points, they have collected. myWorld is lucky to have a wide array of partners, with an even larger range of products on offer. From a distillery in Austria over a supermarket in Sweden all the way to a technology company in Portugal, they have all gained great rewards from joining the wonderful myWorld community and in turn we benefit from their dedication and loyalty. But myWorld does not rest on its laurels, every single day the community is growing thanks to their excellent international marketing efforts as well as their partnership with Lyconet.

    Now this is where you come into play!

    The ultimate goal of Lyconet is to make people successful, and this can best be achieved when we work together. When more Partners join the myWorld family we are able to offer a larger number of products and services. This, in turn, will also attract more consumers, who can gain even greater benefits when shopping within the myWorld Benefit Program. At Lyconet we never settle, so to add yet another incentive we are offering a special for any Merchant Marketer who registers a new Partner, who in turn registers for the myWorld Partner Program, in the Production Month of April or any Production Month thereafter, until the end of 2021. If this has sparked your interest, make sure to watch the Lyconet Online Sensation for more detailed information. To gain access to the on-demand version of the event please click here.  

    If you are not yet a Merchant Marketer, there is no time like the present to change this. For more information on how to become a Merchant Marketer and in doing so not only boost your own career but assist businesses to realize their full potential, go visit the brand new Media Center. All required materials can be found in the myWorld Partner Category.

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