myWorld announces pioneering Shopping Innovations

    The world’s first myWorld Keynote took place on November 11, 2021. Lyconet’s partner myWorld fascinated its customers, Partners, and also Lyconet Marketers with numerous innovations, which will significantly revolutionize the myWorld shopping experience.

    myWorld understands to keep its finger on the pulse of the times and to meet the changing expectations of its customers and Partners. The first myWorld Keynote, therefore, offered the perfect conditions to officially announce the planned and partly already implemented innovations. “We are in the process of integrating exciting new technologies that will make the shopping experience much easier and more enjoyable for our customers – from registration to payment methods”, says Sharif Omar, co-founder. See for yourself the highlights of the first myWorld Keynote! We have put them together for you:

    myWorld Shopping Lists

    myWorld puts an end to the era of conventional apps for creating lists and delights its customers with a new convenient feature that – once checked out – is an essential part of everyday life: The myWorld shopping lists. This myWorld feature allows myWorld customers to create and edit personalized shopping lists directly in the myWorld app or on the desktop. The best about it: The lists are synchronized automatically so that you always have the current version of your shopping lists with you. What sounds simple turns out to be a technically sophisticated solution that continuously processes shopping behavior in the background.

    myWorld Plug-in

    With the myWorld Plug-in, myWorld has implemented a convenient feature for all those who love online shopping. The myWorld Plug-in is an extension for desktop browsers, for example, Chrome, Safari and Firefox, that lets myWorld customers know when they visit the online shop of a myWorld Partner. It also shows them shopping benefits like Cashback and Shopping Points, which they can collect when purchasing in the respective online shop. In addition, the myWorld Plug-in informs you when a Partner is among the results of an online search and whether this Partner is currently offering specials for myWorld customers.

    myWorld OneTouch

    One single action and the purchase is already booked – it is as simple as it sounds. With myWorld OneTouch, myWorld makes the shopping experience for its customers and Partners even more automated and therefore even more comfortable. myWorld OneTouch is a pioneering card linking system, which makes cashless payment possible, while the myWorld customer’s purchase as well as his shopping benefits are booked in the background – all that with just one single action. myWorld customers only need to add a credit or debit card in their myWorld profile and select it in their Apple Wallet or in their Google Play Wallet when purchasing, or they use the plastic card. myWorld OneTouch starts in Great Britain and Ireland, where you can already register via

    After the myWorld Keynote is before the myWorld Keynote

    But myWorld is not yet satisfied with these great innovations. Therefore, the team is working on a simplification of the myWorld registration at the same time. Moreover, you can already register at myWorld through various social media channels – on the desktop for example via Facebook and Google, in the myWorld app additionally via the personal Apple account. With all these innovations, the myWorld Benefit Program gets even more attractive for customers and Partners, and Lyconet Marketers like you can benefit from this as well. “The more interesting the product – in our case the myWorld Benefit Program –, the more potential myWorld customers and Partners can we reel in thanks to our dedicated Lyconet Marketers”, Mario Kapun, is pleased to say.

    You can definitely remain curious because the next myWorld Keynote is sure to come. You have missed the world’s first myWorld Keynote? That’s not a problem! You can find a recording of this momentous online event here:

    Have fun watching!

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