More services for Cashback World Partner – More potential for you

    In network marketing, company growth also means personal growth. This growth can be achieved through the additional Lyconet Merchant Marketer field of business. We will guide you on how it works and what benefits it has in store for you.

    Even more services, compelling arguments and thus a higher potential for deals – the new Cashback World Partner Program not only offers benefits for companies, but also for you as a Merchant Marketer. This is because the expanded service portfolio serves you especially well when you get to know new potential partners and have convinced them of the benefits of Cashback World.

    The Cashback World Partner Programs deliver exceptional conditions that companies can’t turn down:

    Free connection of all branches
    No monthly fees
    Customer Communication Module free of charge*
    Double the amount of customer cards than before (200 pieces)*

    A complete list of services can be found in the Cashback World Retail Program Overview.

    That way, any company that would like to establish a customer loyalty program receives the best solution for their customers. And every Lyconet Marketer advances in their career with close to double the amount of commissions and almost twice as many Shopping Points.

    More for your career
    As a result, Lyconet Merchant Marketers are an important pillar of the local economy, also helping numerous Cashback World Shoppers save money with every purchase. At the same time, they double their success and are a part of community of recommendations which makes it possible for small and middle-sized businesses to achieve stronger customer loyalty at a low cost.

    To support yourself, we have prepared a great highlight: the new Merchant Marketer webinar series of SME professional Herbert Teissel, CRO Lyconet International, which will start on 22 October 2020. Don’t miss out on that extraordinary opportunity to gain some insight knowledge and boost your income and your career like never before! More information will follow soon!

    Use this chance now as Merchant Marketer and take your career to the next level. With more deals made, more commissions and more Shopping Points+ for the Boost Program, everything is possible!

    *in the Premium Partner Program

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