Did you miss the Lyconet Online Sensation?

    Don´t worry, you still have the chance to be part of the event. We’ve got you covered with our on-Demand version, so that you can re-watch the Lyconet Online Sensation – January Edition.

    Did we start the year with a bang? Yes, we did

    The first Lyconet Online Sensation of the year was a great success. Marketers and potential Marketers gained insightful information to grow their businesses even more. Terrific success stories and engaging speeches by some of the best in business were all part of the event.

    Founder Hubert Freidl and CEO Lyconet International Mario Kapun shared their vision of taking your career to the next level and motivating your team to accompany you on your way to the top. From Rainer Schuster, who shared the latest news about the future of travelWorld, to trainer and consultant Eric Worre, with his motivational speech which everyone can benefit from. Further, we heard incredible success stories from speakers such as Gerry Seebacher, Teresa Berger and Thomas Höller. Gerry, who demonstrated the importance of a team by sharing his secret “My Career Level is just a summary of a great team”. Teresa shared her story on how she became the youngest and most successful female within the Lyconet business. Beside her, Thomas talked about how his sports career shaped his mindset that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Does this sound exciting, but you missed the event? You still have the chance to be a part of it.

    Take advantage and grow your team

    Marketers can now share their ticket codes and re-watch the event until 31.03.2021. Whether you missed the event or want to watch it one more time, you now have the chance to do so. If you already watched the event, you can re-watch it by using the same event link you received just before the live event. As always, our vision is to make you and your team successful; therefore, we are offering you the opportunity to watch it retrospectively.

    Keep an eye out for people, you would like to have as part of your team and share your ticket codes with them. Many people would like to become an entrepreneur but don´t know how to get started. What they need is a good business opportunity to show them the way to change their life.

    If you want to watch the event but aren´t a Marketer yet, you can check out our forum and get in touch with other Marketers who can provide you with tickets.

    Are you ready?

    Our stage is waiting for you to join our incredible and thriving community. Register here for the Lyconet on-Demand version of the event. You can watch it anytime, anywhere, and in 26 different languages, so there is no reason not to join and profit from the fantastic lessons and information provided.

    We are always working to improve our business to make you successful, so we already have the next Lyconet Online Sensation planned for you on 24.04.2021. We can´t wait to see you there and share more of these moments with you.

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