Lyconet’s partner myWorld revolutionizes advertising with the @media box

    myWorld has come up with a highly innovative product for its customers, which also opens entirely new opportunities for Lyconet Marketers just like you. We are, of course, talking about the @media box!

    With the @media box, myWorld revolutionizes today’s advertising sector. How this is possible? That’s easy: The @media box is a complete game-changer not only for myWorld customers and partners but also for Lyconet Marketers like you. It ingeniously unites the myWorld shopping experience with the consumption of advertising and additionally enables its users to benefit from this combination. You will probably ask yourself now how the @media box works. We have collected all details for you at one glance.

    Watch ads and benefit

    The @media box is a device that can be connected to the TV. It combines all myWorld channels and platforms, for example, and the travel booking platform, in one simple product. myWorld customers, but also Lyconet Marketers who use the @media box receive access to a wealth of ads – which are of particular interest to them – from myWorld and external Partners. You can even decide individually how many ads you want to have displayed and on which topics. You will see these in a split-screen format on TV while you are streaming a movie or playing a video game; so, while doing things you are doing daily anyway. The best about it is: For every ad watched, the users of the @media box receive Cashback and Shopping Points, and they can buy the desired product shown in the ad with one simple click on their remote control!

    This text was too much explanation? You can watch the official promotional video for the @media box here:

    Free career boost

    If you already are an independent Lyconet Marketer, you can either use the @media box yourself or you can give it to the customers in your Organization. As soon as one of your customers uses the @media box, you will also receive additional benefits, which will help you to boost your career even more efficiently and faster. But that’s not all: Lyconet Marketers get the @media box for free when placing a one-time Benefit Voucher order at!

    With the @media box, myWorld opens its customers and Partners the door to an unprecedented shopping experience, and at the same time makes it easier for numerous motivated Lyconet Marketers like you to raise their success to the next level.

    So, what are you waiting for?

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