Lyconet wishes you a Happy New Year

    With every new year, there comes a new beginning. New beginnings are very often a state of mind, where we are determined to improve, develop, or change something in our lives. New Year is one of the few holidays that is celebrated worldwide regardless of the different cultural backgrounds. As we all celebrate the beginning of a new year, we also tend to make new year’s resolutions, such as “I will eat healthier”, “I will spend more time with my loved ones”, or “I will do more sports”. The new year’s resolutions should not only be aimed at our private lives but also at our job.  

    Lyconet has three valuable tips for you as a Marketer in order to compile your list of resolutions for 2022. The first one is to significantly increase your online presence. Everything you have avoided from your digital to-do list so far should be completed! That postponed project – complete it! All email drafts – send them! This potential client that was unsure – contact him again! The new strategy that you have been considering – try it!  

    Secondly, be dynamic! When things do not go as planned, turn them to your advantage. In case this is impossible, move on because so many exciting business opportunities will knock on your door.  

    And the third tip is: Having a good plan is crucial for your business. It will grow significantly when you are tracking your strategy. You should take some time for weekly updates regarding the development it offers you.  

    Start 2022 in the best way possible 

    Lyconet is always thriving to support its Marketers and at the beginning of 2022, you will receive so many surprises. There is so much to look forward to, not only for current Lyconet Marketers but also for prospective Lyconet Marketers. We are more than happy to host the next Lyconet Online Sensation – Winter Edition soon.  

    This event will set the foundations for the future, and Mario Kapun, CEO Lyconet, and Hubert Freidl, founder, are looking forward to sharing all the incredible details and surprises regarding the world of Lyconet and myWorld: Business updates, innovations, phenomenal coaching, and a lot of fun are only part of what you should be expecting! 

    Spread the word 

    Search for people who share your entrepreneurial passion and be the change in someone else’s life. Help others on their path to success and support them in becoming independent. Invite them to join the event and introduce them to the world of Lyconet. Share your ticket codes with them and make sure that you and your Team secure a spot for our virtual event!    

    You can enjoy the show from the comfort of your home! It doesn’t matter where you are from or what type of device you choose to use. All you need to do is register at and have a good internet connection. We took care of the rest. You prefer to watch the Lyconet Online Sensation – Winter Edition in your mother language? – No problem! Lyconet offers its spectators 27 languages (including sign language) to choose from, in case English is not suitable. Register now and feel the rush of the virtual stage!  

    See you there virtually!  

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