Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition Highlights Part I

    Welcome to Greece! 

    This time Lyconet greeted its Marketers and everyone interested in the business from beautiful and sunny Greece. The Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition stood under the motto Bigger, Better, more exciting! and exceeded all the expectations. Lyconet’s exclusive partner EliteClub hosted for the first time the long-awaited event in the elegant EliteClub Villa in Thessaloniki. Shortly after arriving from the airport, Mario Kapun, CEO Lyconet, rashed towards the breathtaking venue and was excited for all the news and latest updates regarding the world of Lyconet and myWorld. He was awaited by the event’s speaker Sasa Schwarzjirg, a beloved Austrian TV host, who welcomed him to the Villa. 

    Meanwhile, Sharif Omar, CEO myWorld, had the honor to introduce myWorld’s newest team members – Davy Van Loon, CMO myWorld International, Sarah Marie Purgaj, Key Account Management and Roy Lim, Customer Satisfaction.  

    myWorld is continuously working on improving their customers’ satisfaction and for Sharif one of the key factors to do so is teamwork. That is why he was excited to welcome the three experts into the myWorld family. 

    Davy Van Loon, CMO myWorld International 

    First, we heard all about Davy’s exciting career experience. He founded his own IT company right after graduating from International Business and Marketing Studies. Later on, he started working with some world-renowned tech giants and proved himself to be an expert. Davy shared one of his success stories, namely how he and his partners started looking for a way to optimize the work with their clients. Therefore, he created various programs in order to be more engaged with them and direct them towards success throughout these programs.

    “Good customer experience leads to success.” — Davy Van Loon

    myWorld is more than happy to add such an extraordinary mind to its assets.   

    Sarah Marie Purgaj, Key Account Management 

    Then Sharif introduced Sarah to the audience. She is a Social Science Specialist, and her focus lies in understanding the customers’ behavior. Her sociological knowledge about human behavior is irreplaceable and essential to get to know the customers’ preferences. After establishing a clear idea of the customers’ preferences, only then it would be possible to find the right merchants and the right products to provide the best shopping experience. She is eager to apply her social science skills to improve the company’s portfolio. According to her:  

    “Big data is crucial in providing future trends. One can use big data for example gender, age, geographic information to understand and analyze our customer behavior and their needs to provide the best range of merchants for them.”

    Roy Lim, Customer Satisfaction 

    Last but not least, we had the opportunity to watch Roy Lim, who came all the way from Asia. He worked for the biggest Chinese mobile company, one of the biggest coffee industries, and has a lot of gained knowledge to offer to his new team. His goal is to bring the customers’ experience to the next level and sustain the company’s image. Understanding the customers’ needs, listening actively and choosing the best strategy guarantees happy and loyal customers. Or as Roy says: 

    “Understanding and looking at customer’s aspiration and expectation brings customer satisfaction.”

    But that’s not all – The announcements do not end here!  

    All participants of the event got even more to hear & see, such as founder Hubert Freidl talking about the importance of sustainability and technology, the presentation of the @media Box, coaching by speaker Eric Worre, EliteClub , travelWorld and much more!

    To find out more, stay tuned for our upcoming articles Lyconet says hello to the 55th country – Russia goes live and Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition Highlights Part II. 

    In case you have missed the Lyconet Online Sensation – Summer Edition, don’t hesitate to watch it on-demand now! Register here and stream it anytime and anywhere! There is no reason not to join and benefit from the brilliant coaching and information provided. 

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