Lyconet Online Sensation April Edition – Highlights Part III

    On the Walls of the Hall of Fame!

    What do Elvis Presley and Michael Jordan have in common? Well, except for being absolute prodigies in their fields, they are both members of a Hall of Fame.  

    Undoubtedly, the highlight of the Lyconet Online Sensation April Edition was the announcement of the new Hall of Fame. What better way to honor Marketers than by creating a Hall of Fame especially for them? A place where they can be presented to the world not only as an inspiration but also as examples, from whom everyone can learn. With its elegant design, this new platform allows you to find and learn about successful Marketers from all over the world.  

    It is a digital podium where Marketers from all career levels can be presented to the world and celebrate the milestones of their career development. All you have to do is upload a picture of yourself to your Lyconet profile here – et voila!  

    The founder himself – Hubert Friedl and Mario Kapun – CEO of Lyoconet, are looking forward to congratulating you in person, but until then you will be able to enjoy more than the average 15 minutes of fame in the Hall of Fame

    And so much more! 

    Lyconet was proud to present the new Media Center, a place where Marketers can find all the important information concerning their career and its recent developments. Check out the We Provide the Perfect Infrastructure and Tools for our Marketers article to find more!  

    One of the most exciting announcements during the Sensation was the launch of ONESENSE – a brand with a clear concept that wants to improve the quality of its customers’ daily lives, while only relying on nature’s gifts! To find out more information click here.  

    With the upcoming summer and taking the past couple of months into consideration, we are now more than ever eager to travel, and Rainer Schuster – CEO of travelWorld, had some exciting news for all Marketers!  With every booking, you will not only receive cashback but 2 Shopping Points as well! If that sounds appealing, don’t miss our article on travelWorld and all its benefits. 

    Once in a Life Time 

    Speaking of summer and good weather a further highlight of the night was the incredible Star Cruise Challenge that everyone can take part in regardless of the career level. All Marketers who want to participate, have to complete three challenges in the three production months following the April Edition of the Lyconet Online Sensation. Once they have successfully completed all three challenges they are entered into a draw to win the Star Cruise Challenge and one of the lucky winners can enjoy the magical Mediterranean Sea. Congratulations to all Marketers who already have managed the first two challenges – one more to go! 

    In case you didn‘t have the opportunity to watch the last Lyconet Online Sensation on 24 April 2021, don’t worry, you can still watch it on-demand until the end of June. Don’t miss the chance to hear all the news and some useful tips on how to develop your career from the world-renowned speaker Eric Worrie. 

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