Lyconet Leadership Development 2021 meets Dubai

    The year comes to an end and for Lyconet Marketers like you, this means tapping your full potential to start with new wind in the sails into the new year. At the Lyconet Leadership Development in Dubai, selected Marketers were able to get the necessary inspiration for that.

    As you may have already noticed, no Lyconet event is like any other: There are always new locations, new topics, or new speakers that turn each event into a unique highlight. “For our Lyconet Marketers, it’s absolutely worth it to participate in as many events as possible to get the most out of them for yourself and your own business”, says Mario Kapun, CEO Lyconet. A group of selected Lyconet Marketers was able to do exactly that at the Lyconet Leadership Development, which took place from 11 November until 14 November 2021 in Dubai.

    A flood of inspiration

    At this event, with Dubai as a venue, the about thirty participating Marketers awaited not only breathtaking scenery but also speeches concerning a range of topics, which allowed them to discover new perspectives as well as to break through conventional thought patterns. Mario Kapun himself kicked off this event with a keynote on the latest updates and news regarding the Lyconet business model. Aspects like duplication and simplification were also discussed and provided an interesting input for the exchange of experiences between the participating Marketers from Slovenia, Germany and Finland.

    Taking matters into your own hands

    Every now and then, you as a Lyconet Marketer for sure had to face typical challenges with which independent entrepreneurs are confronted occasionally. You then often feel as if you are at the mercy of the respective obstacle and cannot do anything about the current situation. But this is not the case at all: As part of the Lyconet Leadership Development, participants discussed what the first step to overcoming this challenge looks like and why it is so important. It consists of accepting the challenges as such and taking the matters back into your own hands to steer your own development in the right direction again. Only then can you reflect on the current situation and efficiently work on yourself – an absolute must for you and all the other entrepreneurs who want to achieve sustainable success.

    Showing great dedication

    In addition to the interesting items on the agenda of the event, the event also included cozy dinners and a speedboat ride on the penultimate day. Lyconet once again succeeded in providing Marketers with new motivation and inspiration and in supporting them on their path to success. With this great dedication, Lyconet will make it all the way to the top also in 2022. And you can become part of this exciting journey!

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