Local Deals – a win situation for all

    Since the end of last year, Merchants have the possibility to create their own Local Deals and sell their products and services in the Benefit Store. This new feature provides Merchants from all over the world, with an effective opportunity to display their products online. These products are available in the Benefit Store for the Marketers and in the Benefit Lounge for shoppers. 

    This is a win-win-win situation for Merchants, customers, and Marketers. Merchants benefit from new customers as well as increased sales and Marketers can benefit from an increased sales volume  within their organization. On the other hand, customers can also benefit from the best deals available. 

    How to benefit from Local Deals?

    It is the daily business of a Merchant Marketer to share and illustrate the advantages of the Cashback World Partner Program  to the owners of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With the new feature, this program has a new USP: Sell products or services online without the need for an individual online shop.  

    Did you know that Merchants can create up to 100 Local Deals? Now isn’t that amazing? To promote this incredible feature, the Guru of SMEs, Herbert Teissel created something special. He set up a challenge among Merchant Marketers to spread the word and encourage other Merchants to take advantage of this tool. The challenge has already been extremely successful. Greece is in the lead with over 1000 deals, followed by Italy. It will be an exciting month with more to come as we observe how these numbers continue to skyrocket. 

    Why is it crucial that your Merchants use the Local Deals

    The best part of the Local Deals is that we have created something that everyone can benefit from. Merchants are providing shoppers and Marketers with even more opportunities to shop with benefits and to receive Shopping Points. This new feature doesn’t only benefit customers but can also assist SMEs to attract new customers to their shops and convert these customers to loyal regulars. 

    Would you want to hear more about this unique feature? Check out our previous entry about Local Deals: The new generation of deals is here – Lyconet Magazine 

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