Increase your company’s results by using the perfect tool

    Are you wondering what it takes to be more efficient in today´s business world and how to increase your company’s results?

    Utilize the right tools 

    Do you find yourself using your phone less when reaching out to potential Merchants ? Regardless of your answer, many successful businesses use this strategy to achieve better results. The phone is still one of the most powerful tools you as a Merchant Marketer have in your arsenal. However, fewer and fewer Merchant Marketers are picking up the phone and actually calling prospects. This is your chance to stand out.

    Increase your company´s results

    There are many ways to approach potential Merchants. However, when approaching new potential Merchants, the first impression is crucial to set the standard. It is particularly important to habituate these phone calls when you are first starting out as a Merchant Marketer in order to steadily improve your skills. CRO Lyconet International, Herbert Teissel , stresses that you should be brief and direct when approaching potential Merchants for an appointment.

    “The goal of making an appointment is to make an appointment“ – Herbert TEissel

    This is an important  skill for any Merchant Marketer. Yet so many Marketers struggle to convert a conversation with a good prospect into a scheduled appointment. Are you wondering how to master this skill and increase your organization´s results? Check out our latest Merchant Marketer Talk on webinarWorld, which will provide you with the perfect tools.

    An Insight from successful Merchant Marketers 

    Gerry & Walter Seebacher are brothers with one thing in common. Today, they are both very successful Merchant Marketers, though their entrepreneurial journeys were very different.  Would you like to know more about their path to success and how they were able to establish their companies and live their dreams? Are you curious about the Interviews with Gerry Seebacher and Walter Seebacher? Check them out.

    Originally from India, Reema Virdee moved to London in 2004, where she started to work for a bank. Reema quickly realized that her new job did not allow her to pursue the things she enjoyed as she simply did not have the time or the freedom to do so. In her search for the right occupation she discovered Lyconet and with it the opportunity that would enable her to live the lifestyle she desired. Check out the complete interview and her inspiring story.  

    Matthias Frontino  is a successful Merchant Marketer from Germany, who owns two businesses. A watch & jewellery store and a company which operates in the area of telecommunication. He is driven to ensure that his customers are happy and satisfied. Would you like to hear more? Check out his full interview here

    Do you want to learn more about being a Merchant Marketer? You can also check out our previous Merchant Marketer Talk.

    How to approach potential Merchants – Lyconet Magazine

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