How traveling can boost your personal and professional growth

    We all know this one person that has been bitten by the travel bug and keeps telling glorious stories about diving with dolphins in Bali, conquering some peeks in the Himalayas or trying the best sushi in Japan. But have you noticed that this particular person seems always happier and calmer than everyone else? Well, there is scientific proof that traveling contributes to overall happiness and mental health. How? The change of scenery can be a permanent distraction from an ongoing issue and can completely change our perspective. Also, traveling is categorized as a pleasant event, which boosts the levels of serotonin. During the time on vacation, we can reconnect with ourselves and clear our minds from the daily endeavors, bills, appointments, workload, and stress. It is a special time we make for ourselves and our new experiences.

    Several case studies have established that planning a trip can be as pleasant as experiencing the actual vacation. Post-pandemic traveling – on the other hand – can cause mild anxiety, and therefore pre-planning might be your key. Here are some tips that might help you: Firstly, get inspired! Create a vision board to help you narrow down your ideas. If you are not sure how to prepare a vision board, have a look at our article here. Then, once you have selected destinations, you can ask for advice or research some reviews. Lastly, stay optimistic and be ready to embark on your trip of a lifetime.

    “The more people talked about and planned vacations, the more likely they were to take them.”

    Rashmi Parmar, MD

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    When you book your next adventure with travelWorld, do not forget to download the travelWorld App. It is an excellent and easy to manage tool that simplifies the booking process. It is one of the three apps that are absolute must-haves for all Marketers. To find out more about all their benefits, check out our article The Three Wise Apps.

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