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    We are so lucky and proud to work with the outstanding visionary, Eric Worre. 

    Eric Worre is an expert in his field. His best-selling book, “Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional” has sold well over 1 million copies worldwide. It is safe to say that he isn’t only the most watched but also the most trusted man in this sector.  

    Eric is a speaker, trainer and consultant who has inspired millions and continues to do so with his various international seminars and training events as well as at our very own Lyconet Online Sensation. Lyconet has been collaborating with Eric for many years, and every time he joins our events, he teaches new and exciting lessons which can easily be applied to your business and will most certainly enrich your life. At the Lyconet Online Sensation on the 24th of April 2021, he presented an infallible formula which will most certainly magnify your success. He has tried and tested this formula and has found it to boost his business exponentially. Presented with clear to follow steps, everyone can learn this unique skill and implement it in their daily business life.  

    “It was a game changing experience for me!”

    Discover more about this experience and learn how to use it to change your game too and find additional highlights from the last event in our recent article titled The Lyconet Online Sensation April Edition.  

    To find out more and learn this and other valuable lessons from the one and only Eric Worre, watch the on-demand version of the recent Lyconet Online Sensation by going to

    The Next Stop: The Online Sensation Summer Edition in Greece

    You have already seen the Lyconet Online Sensation April edition and assimilated all the information and lessons provided! Well, in that case, why not register for the very exciting summer edition. The Lyconet Online Sensations summer edition will take place on the 24th of July, in the wonderful Greek city Thessaloniki. We already have a fantastic lineup planned and many more valuable lessons for you to acquire.  

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